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Is Your Social Media Campaign Working?

Is Your Social Media Campaign is Working? This post has come about because of a question posed by an author during a recent conversation. This author was unsure if all the hard work they were putting into regularly

2 Proofreading Tips Every Indie eBook Author Must Know

As you will know by now, I am the first to acknowledge that when it comes to spelling, grammar and proofreading I always seek help from a professional. I always read through my completed eBook but I find that proofreading

Should I Self-publish an AudioBook?

Audiobooks are incredibly popular at the moment according to the 2017 APA (Audio Publishers Association) consumer survey completed by Edison Research. This survey showed that more than 67 million people in the U.S.

6 Post-publication eBook Marketing Ideas to Kick Start Your eBook Sales

If you want to keep selling your eBooks you must continue with both author marketing and eBook promotion well after excitement fades post publication. If you sit back once you have distributed your eBook to

Self-publish Paperbacks with Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon has added a print component to their Kindle Direct Publishing program so now you can self-publish paperbacks to the Amazon store. If you have only self-published an eBook then you may want to consider publishing

eBook Creation – 6 Tools Used for Creating eBooks

I have listed five popular eBook creation tools. Each creation tool has similarities as well as some distinct difference so please read their terms carefully. Be aware of any exclusivity requirements that are being made

How to Get to Know Your Target Readers Better in 2018

If you do not know who your ideal readers are then you will find it very difficult to promote and sell your eBooks. The time to identify exactly who would want to buy your eBook is right now! In fact, the time to

50 eBook Marketing Questions for Self-Published Authors

Did you know that the greatest barrier to your success as a self-published author is not being able to get your eBook in front of your target audience or being able to successfully market and promote your eBook

eBook Keywords – How to Increase Your eBook Sales

eBook Keywords are one important search component that helps readers find your eBooks in online stores. Keywords are a really good way to increase your eBook’s position in marketplace. As an Indie author you must

KDP Tools and Resources – Kindle Publishing for Authors

KDP Tools and Resources. Here are some Kindle Publishing resources that you may just find helpful in writing, creating and publishing your eBook to KDP. All of the information below can be found on the Kindle Tools

How to Write a Blog Post People Will Read

One of the most common blogging mistakes I come across when working as a Digital Strategist is that companies focus too much on ‘quantity’ and not enough on ‘quality.’ That is, they think that the more posts they write

Is It Possible to Make a Living Just Writing eBooks?

Here’s a question often posed by first-time authors: “Is it possible to make a living just writing eBooks?” And my honest answer is, “it depends on several factors.” If you write and publish an eBook but fail to follow through

Kobo eBooks Subscription Service Adds AudioBook Catalog

Rakuten Kobo have just announced that they have added audiobooks to its iOS app catalog which will be rolled out in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand. A 30-day free trial is also on offer for users

Advantages of Self-Publishing Non-Fiction eBooks

Today is great time to be a self-published author of non-fiction. Thanks to the evolution of self-publishing, writers now have the ability to become successful self-published authors thanks to the many available tools, tips

How to Format an eBook using Microsoft Word

'How do I format my eBook using Microsoft Word' is a common question most first time authors have. Essentially you can either pay for a service provider to format your eBooks or you can do it yourself. Some eBook

Writers Conference and Publishing Events Calendar

Writers' conferences and festivals are increasing in popularity. In Australia, there is the Sydney Writers' Festival which attracts an audience of more than 85,000 in hundreds of events that take place across Sydney

Indian eBook Authors – Amazon India’s Pen to Publish Contest

eBook sales in India are growing at a rapid rate as more and more Indians are connecting to the internet. Self-publishing an eBook in India is now a viable option for all writers who wish to see their eBooks being sold

Smashwords Survey Analyzes eBook Sales – the Results!

Each year, the Smashwords Survey analyzes eBook sales aggregated across the Smashwords distribution network. They are looking to identify potential data driven insights that can help authors and publishers make their books