10 Reasons Why You Should Self- Publish a Book

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Self- Publish a Book

Because we focus on eBooks and digital publishing some authors assume we only believe that authors should publish in eBook form. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We also love books! We love reading books!

It is just that we now live in a publishing environment where eBooks provide every writer the opportunity to become a published author at a low cost. So let’s suggest a few reasons why you should strongly consider selling a print book.

Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Publish a Print Book

1.    Some People Only Love Books
There is a generation of people who grew up reading a paperback book. These readers still love to hold a book, turn the pages, put in their own bookmark and get away from the digital world that may consume their life during other parts of the day.

So selling a print book may just open you up to a section of your target audience that could not be reached by just selling in eBook format.

2.    You Can Enter More Literary Awards
Winning an award can launch an author’s career. The promotion and credibility that comes along with winning an award is game changer for many authors.

Unfortunately not all awards accept eBook entries. So if you have a print book you will be able to enter or be nominated for more awards.

3.    Not Everyone Owns an eReader, Tablet or Mobile Device Connected to the Internet
We do not need to read any more news stories or research to tell us that the growth of tablets is driving the popularity of eBooks. But not everyone owns an eReader or a tablet. The sales of books are still in the billions of dollars.

4.    Book Signings Can be a Great Way to Connect with Your Fans
Believe it or not there are still many authors who spend time in bookstores, shops and libraries signing books and meeting their fans.

5.    Kindle MatchBook is for Books and eBooks
Amazon is the global leader in selling both eBooks and books. Amazon has a program called Kindle MatchBook where readers who order your print book can also download your eBook for free or at a discount.

6.    You Can Participate in Book Giveaways
Many online reading communities and site have promotional programs where readers can win or receive a book for free. These giveaways are powerful promotional tools for authors so if you have a print book then you can increase your participation in these giveaways. You can learn more about Goodreads Giveaway Program here.

7.    Get Your Book on the Library Shelf
Libraries are still popular among many readers. Libraries are warming to eBooks as well but there will be a place for printed books in libraries for many years to come.

8.    POD Now Allows You to Publish a Book at a Reasonable Cost
Self-publishing is not only for eBooks. Print on demand (POD) allows for you to create and sell print books without going through a traditional publisher. There are many options available to you at varying prices and packages. Make sure you do your homework first before choosing a POD provider.

9.    Increased Sales by Reaching a Great Audience
Creating a print book will only increase your overall total sales. as mentioned, if you only sell an eBook you may be eliminating those within your target audience who only want to read a book. be able to sell to everyone will only increase your sales.

10.    Increased Respect and Pride
There is still a certain level of respect that comes with being a published author of a print book. Having your books on your shelf at home when friends comes over gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Showcasing your books on a table at a public speaking engagement tells everyone you’re a published author without telling them. You do not have to have a print book to become a best-selling author. It is advised if you have the time to pursue this option.

The ‘hybrid’ model is becoming a popular option for self-published authors. This model, as used by Hugh Howey, is where you retain the rights to your eBook and handover your print book to a publisher.