10 Ways to Engage Your Readers

10 Ways to Engage Your Readers

You have completed the vital stage in identifying your target audience. That is finding those readers who would want to buy your eBook. Now you have to establish how you will connect and engage with these potential customers.

Even though you are only seeing names and faces of your global audience of readers online; it is important that you understand that you are trying to connect and engage with real people who are also likely sitting at home in front of their computer deciding which eBook they will purchase next. Don’t lose that personal touch as you try to engage your ideal reader.

The internet has completely changed how books and eBooks are marketed. Today, online marketing is all about reaching your target audience and providing them with exactly what they want. It is about engaging and building a relationship first and then selling.

You no longer need to pay a high profile personality a lot of money to endorse your eBook. You no longer have to devote a lot of money to your marketing budget. It is all about engaging with those who would want to buy your eBook and this can be done via the use of many free, yet powerful, online tools.

What is your goal in engaging your ideal reader? To capture their attention and show them that you have what they want. You can answer their questions. You can provide them with an entertaining story.  You can solve their problem. If you can do this then you will have gained a new customer. Turning that customer into a loyal customer is where your engagement does not end.

10 Ways to Engage Your Ideal Reader:

1.    YouTube – video is the most powerful medium of communication of our generation. You can engage your readers with a short eBook trailer or even a video interview.

2.    Your blog – maintain a quality content driven, unique, lively and interesting blog that encourages your readers to engage in conversation via comments or a forum.

3.    Email – communicate new and exciting developments with your eBooks, your characters, a new blog posting or a free eBook of interest.

4.    Goodreads – this lively community provides a platform for you to become an active participant in groups. Find the group where your ideal customer hangs out and contribute informative posts.

5.    Facebook – If your ideal reader uses Facebook then interact with them by establishing a page dedicated to your specific genre and content.

6.    Give your readers some free content – everyone loves free stuff. Your readers will enjoy the opportunity to receive a free copy of your eBook.

7.    Pinterest – this platform success is based on quality visual content. Don’t just use your page to promote your own eBooks. Become comfortable in recommending eBooks that would be of interest to your readers.

8.    Slideshare -this is a great tool for sharing content with your readers.

9.    Twitter – use Twitter to tweet about topics of interest to your followers. Constant bombardment of sales pitches about your eBook is not what works. Tweet interesting news stories, free eBooks, content or promote fellow authors.

10.    Wattpad – this online community has a large following where you can engage your readers by offering free chapters. If they like what they read then they will go on to buy your entire eBook. It is about giving -then receiving!

Even though you are living in a virtual world where you will likely never come face to face with your readers; you should act as if you are talking to them as if you were right there with them.