13 Useful Twitter Tips and Tools for Authors

13 Useful Twitter Tips and Tools for Authors

When it comes time to selecting which social media platforms will be of most benefit to you Twitter will always be in the top few choices. When used correctly, twitter is a fantastic tool to network with readers as well as fellow authors.

After joining Twitter, the next step is to know how best to use the site to help you build your author brand, your platform and to engage and connect with your audience with the eventual goal of selling more eBooks. Her are 10 tips to help you maximize this powerful social media platform to network and engage with your readers.

13 Tips to Help You Maximize Twitter

1. Use Twitter’s Advanced Search tool
I am always using the search tool on Twitter to find authors, publishers, reading groups, lists, key words and much more.
Visit Twitters Advanced Search Tool

2. Let Activity Feeds Provide You with the Information You Want
Once you become comfortable with Twitter you learn how to use all of their features to your benefit. The key is to search and discover all those people within your audience who would want to buy your eBook OR could help you in selling your eBook. Twitter is about networking and a great tool to help you is spending some time monitoring the Activity feeds. This will provide you with more in-depth insight into how the people you follow, and who follow you, are interacting.

How Do You Do this?
Link: https://twitter.com/activity
1. Click Discover
2. Click Activity

What You Will See and Learn:

  • Your followers’ favorites
  • Who they follow
  • Discover new content
  • Discover new people within your audience
  • New people to follow
  • Great links to articles or websites of interest
  • Learn how the best-selling authors interact with their audience

3. Favorite Related Tweets
Search for keywords that are related to your eBook’s category, genre, topic or field of expertise.  When you come across a tweet you like then you can ‘favorite’ that tweet and you may just find that that person will then follow you for liking their tweet. This is a way to build your following.

4. Let’s Get Personal!
We all know how Google and Facebook use your data to make your search and online use more personal. Well Twitter can also use information from your web searches to give you a more personalized experience.

How Do You Do this?
1. Gear Icon
2. Click Settings
3. Security and Privacy
4. Personalization
5. Check ‘Tailor Twitter based on my recent website visits.’

5. Twitter Lists
A lot of authors do not use this valuable tool. When you make a list you are creating a way to keep track of tweets.

How Do You Do this?
1. Click Me
2. Click Lists
3. Then categorize the users you follow.

6. Consider Subscribing to Other Users’ Lists

How Do You Do this?
1. Visit your selected user’s profile
2. Click Lists
3. Click subscribe

7. Follow a User’s Tweets without Following Them

How Do You Do this?
1. Add them to a list
2. Set ‘private’ if you wish for them to not know they have been added to a list

8. Change Trends
The world of eBooks, publishing and self-publishing is constantly evolving. To stay on top of trends you can track what is going on within your specific category or field.

How Do You Do this?
1. Go to the bottom-left of your screen
2. Click on the Trends box
3. Click Change

9. View Verified Users’ Replies
When Twitter users are verified, their replies and mentions don’t show up in their default feed.

How Do You Do this?
1. Go to the chosen user’s profile page
2. Click ‘All’

10. Create User Widgets
Do you have a website or blog? A good way to share your tweets is to place a widget on your website.

How Do You Do this?
1. Go to the Gear Icon
2. Click on Settings
3. Click Widgets
4. Click Create New
5. Customize the appearance

11. Create a Widget for Tweets from Users You Admire
You can also create a widget for tweets from users you admire. This can be beneficial if you are a publisher and want to showcase your author’s tweets.

How Do You Do this?
1. Go to the selected user’s account
2. Click icon with person’s silhouette
3. Choose ‘Embed this Profile’

12. iOS Twitter Setup

1.    Open your Settings on your iPhone and scroll down to Twitter.
2.    Tap on Add Account.
3.    Enter the username and password for the new account and tap sign in.
4.    You should see the new account listed.

13. Download Twitter Archive
Twitter allows you to download an archive of your tweets. Your tweets will download as an offline HTML web file. Reviewing previous tweets may provide you with ideas for new tweets or even maybe re-post similar tweets.

How Do You Do this?
1. Go to Gear Icon
2. Click Settings
3. Choose Account
2. Your Twitter Archive
3. Request Your Archive