18 Words to Eliminate from Your Writing

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18 Words to Eliminate from Your Writing

I always put my hand up when it comes to being an average student in English class.  I have always enjoyed writing, but lacked the skills required in becoming a qualified writer. That never stopped me from writing over 24 eBooks.  It did make me realize that I required the assistance of a professional editor for a lot of my eBooks.

Below are some words that I have learned to remove from my creative writing. Improving the quality of your writing will improve the reader’s experience. This has been one common issue expressed with regards to self-published authors compared to books and eBooks that are publishing with the assistance of professional editors at the major publishing houses.

The words listed below are what I call ‘sentence-fillers’ or words that can be eliminated or replaced. It comes down to how you use these words and whether or not they add or detract from the quality of your writing. Authors use these words to add to their word count. If you can remove many of these ‘unnecessary’ words from your writing then you will take the next level in producing more reader-friendly’ content.

  1. Literally
  2. Stuff
  3. Quite
  4. Just
  5. Got
  6. Used to
  7. Very
  8. Really
  9. Perhaps
  10. Maybe
  11. Amazing
  12. Things
  13. Feel
  14. Seem
  15. Think
  16. Often
  17. Have got
  18. A lot