Why Your Review Request Emails to eBook Bloggers Get No Response

Why Your Review Request Emails to eBook Bloggers Get No Response

Author Question: Hi David, I like the idea about connecting with eBook bloggers so they can talk about my eBook. I have identified what I believe are the top 20 bloggers for my category but the problem I am having is that I am not able to get any to respond to my emails. Do you have any suggestions?

You are facing a very common problem experienced by the majority of authors who send out Emails to bloggers or influential people who they wish to make contact with. If you can identify the reason why you are not receiving a response then you can set about addressing that issue.

20 Reasons Why You are Not Getting a Response:

1.    The blogger is overloaded and just won’t take any new requests.

2.    Your Email subject line is not compelling.

3.    Your Email content is not compelling.

4.    You do not outline any proposed benefit to the blogger.

5.    Your Email is straight from a template without being altered.

6.    Your Email is going to their ‘Junk’ box as it may be seen as spam.

7.    You did not provide any information about who you are.

8.    The blogger does not review eBooks for your specific category or sub-category.

9.    You didn’t address them by their name (shows no effort in finding out who they are).

10.    You did not mention that you participate in the forum on their blog.

11.    You did not mention that you are an active member of their blog.

12.    Your eBook is not listed on Amazon.

13.    You do not have any reviews for your eBook on Amazon.

14.    You do not have an author website or blog.

15.    You did not follow their eBook submission and review policies exactly.

16.    You are not a member of Goodreads.

17.    You did not do your research in studying the eBooks they like to review.

18.    You are expecting a response too quickly (their policy may state 4 week response).

19.    They require upfront payment to review your eBook and you didn’t pay!

20.    They just decided they did not want to review it!

What Can You Do?
Start by addressing each of these problem areas listed above. You may wonder why it is important you have an author website or blog?

This is important because it shows you have a platform to connect with your audience and that you may be able to provide the blogger with some exposure by offering to promote them on your site.

You need to persist when contacting bloggers. Don’t be pushy and bombard them with Emails as this will just force them to blacklist your Email address. Try and get your first Email right and you may be able to avoid sending future emails.