3 Profitable eBook Income Streams that Authors Can Learn from Marketers!

3 Profitable eBook Income Streams that Authors Can Learn from Marketers!

These options are not for everyone. In fact, they should be used sparingly and in the right way. Online marketers have used these techniques for years and they are slowly becoming more acceptable by mainstream authors and publishers as a way to generate additional income from their eBooks.

1. Strategically Placing Advertisements with Your eBook
Many publishers are experimenting with adding advertisements within eBooks. There is potential for this to take off if they do not interfere with the reading experience.

Just as pop-ups became very annoying, we don’t want the eBook industry to take the same path and bombard readers with annoying advertisements in eBooks.

The best place for placing advertisements without causing frustration or annoyance to the reader is at the end of your eBook. In fact, I have used a page to promote my other eBooks or related websites this way for many years without any negative impact.

Direct advertising in eBooks is becoming increasingly attractive for publishers to earn money to cover the low prices associated with eBooks. I also believe that readers will be willing to accept a few advertisements at the back of an eBook if it means they can continue to buy eBooks for such a low price. There is always a trade off and this may evolve into one such solution.

2. Make More Money by Selling the Rights to Your eBook
This is a common technique that has been in play for years by online and affiliate marketers. It works by selling the reprint rights to those who would like to sell your e-book. You could also make even more money by selling the master reprint rights. This would allow other people to sell the reprint rights.

3. Sell Products by Giving Away Your eBook
This involves producing a short eBook. It could be anywhere from 5 – 20 pages, containing valuable and informative material.

The catch is that your eBook will be given away for free. You will make money by people clicking on the affiliate links that you have placed for products though out your eBook.

For example; if you write a free eBook on how to build a website, then you can promote products for software packages, membership sites or even hosting companies that you have establish an affiliate marketing relationship with.

I would guarantee that many of you who are reading this article would have been exposed to affiliate marketing without even knowing it. Have you clicked on a link on a website, blog or in a free eBook and been re-directed to another page? Then likely you have contributed to the bank account of the affiliate marketer whose link you clicked on.

There are many affiliate links that operate on pay-per-click and not always where a commission is paid when a product is purchased.

You can also promote your own products in these free eBooks. You may not receive anything for that free eBook you have created; however, they may buy one of your other products listed in the eBook.

As you can see, these creative techniques have made some people very wealthy. Affiliate marketing is how many bloggers make their living. They don’t recommend other products because they are just nice! They recommend them because if you click on the link and buy that product, they will receive a nice commission for being the ‘middleman.’

Example Affiliate Sites to Source Products:
1.    Commission Junction
2.    Clickbank
3.    LinkShare