3 Tools for Helping Authors Keep Track of Goals and Monitor Progress


3 Tools for Helping Authors Keep Track of Goals and Monitor Progress

Writing efficiency and time management are two skills authors require to stay on track with meeting the publication date for their eBook. The best-selling authors are prolific writers. They set goals and then they designate time each day to write so that they are able to achieve their goals.

This post came about because several writers had asked about how they can stay on track with their writing while working full-time jobs. This is a very common problem for just about every self-published author who has yet to earn enough money from writing to give up their day job.

When should you set goals if you haven’t already? Now! Don’t wait until the New Year or your next holiday. Take a moment to set some writing and marketing goals and you will immediately feel a sense of empowerment and motivation in knowing you have set this commitment for yourself. Goals will vary for each individual.

If you have a full-time job or busy family life then you will be required to dedicate time to writing, otherwise your time will constantly be pulled away from writing.

One of the main problems with goal setting is not keeping track of your progress. Discipline is required to complete your daily writing tasks and there are some tools that may help you out if you are a writer or author who struggle to stay focused. Below I have listed some of the more popular goal tracking programs, software and apps that you can look into.

I have not personally used these tools listed below. The feedback I have heard from writers that have used these tools has been quite positive. So based on their opinions I suggest you see if they could be just what you are looking for to help you stay on track with your writing goals.

I am still a bit old fashioned with the way I keep track of my goals and writing. I have a calendar of daily and weekly goals posted above my desk and that seems to work for me.

The description for each tool has been taken from the businesses’ website as they are the best ones to describe how their own product works. If you do choose to use one of these products then we would like to hear your feedback so we can pass that onto fellow members.
* The descriptions about each product or service below have been taken from their website.

1. Stickk
StickK is designed to promote a healthier lifestyle for you by allowing you to create ‘Commitment Contracts.’ A Commitment Contract is a contract that binds you into achieving a personal goal. StickK was developed by Yale University economists who tested the effectiveness of Commitment Contracts through extensive field research. We all need help to reach our goals – whether it’s incentives, or support from others.

Years of economic and behavioral research show that people who put stakes – either their money or their reputation – on the table are far more likely to actually achieve a goal they set for themselves. Learn more at Stickk

2. WeekPlan
Weekly Planner for Effective People! Being more productive is pointless if you are working on the wrong things. WEEK PLAN is an opinionated weekly planner that helps you spend more time on the important things. WEEK PLAN gives you a weekly view on your tasks.

A week view strikes the right balance between giving enough space to plan and a time window short enough to focus on execution. Learn more at Weekplan

3. Lifetick
Goal setting the way it should be. Lifetick is web based software that gets you on the path to success.  Goal setting is a time proven mechanism practiced by millions around the world that helps individuals achieve more out of life. When left to our own devices, humans tend to ‘take the path of least resistance’. This often leads to a discontented life.

However, if we focus our efforts on achieving the things that are important to us, we can live a more purposeful existence, which ultimately leads us to more happiness each day. Goal setting is fundamental tool that allows you to realise your potential. But what exactly is the process? How does one go about setting goals…? Learn more at Lifetick