30 Compelling Reasons to Self-Publish an eBook

Self published authors thinking about success

Self-Publish an eBook

There many compelling and convincing reasons why you should self-publish an eBook. In fact, many authors are deciding to write an eBook first before they try to get published in print form.

eBooks are the preferred reading option for many readers and self-publishing has now become the preferred publishing option for many authors. These two changes have revolutionised the industry once dominated by major publishing houses.

Should You Write an eBook?

We all would like to make more money and if we could do that from something we enjoy such as writing or sharing our knowledge then that would be great. Besides money, why else are you writing? You see, if making money is your primary focus then you will be less likely to enjoy the author experience as all your efforts are focused on sales.

To establish a ‘healthier mindset’ towards self-publishing you should create a list of goals you wish to achieve besides making more money. If you are writing your first eBook, or are an already-established author, then I want you to write down some goals that are not purely focused on sales, and making money.

Other possible goals include:
• Being recognized among peers.

• Being invited as a guest speaker to an event

• Collecting a certain number of reviews.

• Increasing visibility by building your platform.

• Receiving fan mail.

• Having as many readers as possible.

• Landing on a bestseller list.

• Reaching a high Amazon ranking.

• Seeing high-star reviews.

• Building momentum for future eBooks you write.

• Being invited to participate in an anthology.

• Building your ‘authority’ within a genre.

• Releasing only the best quality books.

• Publishing in multiple formats from eBook, audiobook to paperback.

• Winning an award for your writing.

• Increasing name recognition with readers.

Now, these are your goals which are obviously self-serving and will be of benefit to YOU! But they are not relevant for readers so you must consider those people who you are writing your eBook for.

How Will I My eBook Benefit Others?
Here are some good reasons to write an eBook because it considers the wants, needs and desires of readers.

Will your eBook enrich or improve someone’s life?
Can you solve someone’s problem or add value to their life by providing them with entertainment that removes them from the stresses of everyday life.

Can you;
• Make someone more money?
• Help them to lose weight end gain body confidence?
• Improve their computer skills?
• Help them to be happier people?
• Prevent an illness?
• Teach them a new skill?
• Make them laugh with humour by telling funny stories?

How Will my eBook add value to someone’s life?
You must write an eBook for the right reason. You see, as you write, you will soon find it a lonely and difficult process If you are only writing for your benefit. If you are writing for one of the above reasons then you will find writing a more rewarding experience as you are giving to others.

So before you start writing, I want you to answer the following question and keep it mind every time you sit down to write.

Here’s Why You Should Self-publish an eBook
• Readers love eBooks.
• Self-published eBooks are now topping the best-seller lists.
• You retain the rights and control of your eBook.
• eBooks now out-sell many printed books.
• You can edit your eBook anytime and re-publish it instantly.
• eBooks last forever and never go out of print so they are available 24/7.

Important Points to become a Successful Author:

• Know why you want to write an eBook.

• Choose a topic, idea or genre you enjoy.

• Accept that you should never stand still and to always keep learning.

• Strive to constantly improve your writing skills.

• Develop professional habits.

• Know who would want to buy your eBook.

• Acknowledge the importance of engaging your target audience.

• Take control of your writing career and be accountable.

• When you decide to stop engaging your readers they will turn to other authors.

• Remember that rest is important so create a writing schedule that includes time off.

• Think long term as you won’t become a bestselling author overnight.

• Don’t sit around and wait for a publishing house to come to you.

• Being a successful author takes time, persistence, commitment and a keen focus on achieving your goals.

• Do your research!

• Tell a great story that captures the reader’s attention and imagination!

• Know your genre and the category that your eBook belongs in!

• It all starts with the title!

• Create a n attention-grabbing eBook cover.

• Write what you know – not what you think you know!

• Write a great eBook – not a good one!
• You, the author, are in control of the success of your eBook!

Key Takeaway
Indie Authors have it tough in a very competitive market. As eBooks never go out of stock there is an ever-increasing supply of eBooks available which only makes it more difficult to stand out. This applies to all authors whether you are traditionally published or self-published.

So what’s the good news? If you know what you are doing when it comes attracting, engaging readers and driving your tribe towards advocacy then it has never been more lucrative!

30 Reasons to Self-Publish an eBook

Readers Love eBooks
There is a generational shift where readers are becoming more comfortable and accepting of digital products. eBooks give you access to a whole new group of readers who may not have access to paperback copies of your book.

There will always be readers who prefer the paperback over an eBook. This is why I also recommend you self-publish in multiple formats from eBook, paperback to audio book to maximise sales.

eBooks are popular with readers as they can have instant access to their eBook rather than waiting weeks for the delivery of their book which is often the case with buying a paperback book online.

They are also often cheaper than paper back versions and with the ever increasing popularity of high quality reading devices readers can now create their own little library of favourite eBooks to take with them anywhere in the world.

The Power has Shifted to Indie Authors
The eBook and self-publishing industry is constantly evolving and growing at a rapid rate. The power has shifted towards the author and it is now the self-published author who is experiencing the opportunity to benefit from all their hard work.

Authors can now make in excess of 80% in royalties, retain the rights to their eBooks and also retain creative control over their work. Self-publishing also speeds up the process of getting an eBook to market.

An eBook can be created for no cost!
You can write an eBook in word document, format it to meet style guide requirements and submit it to one of many service providers who will convert your file to ePub, PDF or a propriety format.

They will then distribute it to major online retailers for sale. While you may not pay up-front fees,; these providers and online retailers will take a commission on each sale.

No printing costs!
eBooks are environmentally friendly as they don’t require paper – they’re digital!

No shipping costs and instant delivery of eBook!
eBooks can be purchased, downloaded and delivered to the customer for instant gratification. One of the biggest advantages with eBooks is that the delivery process is fast and instant. There are no packaging, handling or postage costs. There is also no ‘warehousing’ required and no overhead storage costs attached to the sale of an eBook.

eBooks are more accessible than printed books for many countries thanks to the internet! eBooks can be sold to anyone who has a computer or device that is connected to the internet. Authors can sell their eBooks 24/7. Their online shop never closes for business!

No warehousing or storage fees!
eBooks are downloaded from an online store so there is no need to warehouse them like paperback books thus avoiding these excessive fees. eBooks are digital files that can last forever and remain on the online book shelves indefinitely unlike printed books in shops that are removed after a short period if they do not sell.

You set the price for your eBook
Self-published authors have the ability to price books as they see fit, and change that price as needed. Non-fiction books can be priced higher than fiction, and generally sell better at a higher price point.

I price my non-fiction eBooks at $8.99 or higher, a deep discount compared to trade paperback but still much higher than many self-published fiction eBooks.

Many retailers won’t force an arbitrary price. However, most publishers will tell you what your eBook will be sold for. Now, you can decide. The market will determine if your price is correct or too high and through testing you will be able to gauge what is the best price for your eBook.

eBooks can be read on all types of devices.
eBooks can be read on desktop computers, laptops, smart phones to tablets and eReaders.

You can choose to provide DRM for your eBook or not.
Authors can choose what security measures and access restrictions (DRM) they place on their eBooks.

There is a ‘ready-to-buy’ global market for eBooks.
If a reader comes across your eBook during an internet search they have the option to buy it right there and then and receive their copy immediately. This ability helps authors to generate spontaneous sales.

High Royalties for authors
You now receive higher royalties than authors of generations past would have received. Often these royalties are higher for eBooks due to the low cost of producing them. There is a massive business and career opportunity for eBook authors.

Once you write your eBook then you can leverage the power of the internet to help you publish, distribute, sell and profit from your eBook. The key is to carefully identify the right topic and those ideal customers within that niche topic who would want to buy your eBook.

eBook authors can become very wealthy very quickly if they can produce a top selling eBook. Authors can receive their royalty payments much faster that what they would from a publishing house.

You, the author, can now make more money than the publisher!
When you self-publish an eBook you will receive great royalties and commissions, unlike the old traditional models where the publishers received the majority of revenue. It’s your eBook and you should gain the most return for it!

As an indie author you also have the opportunity to create multiple income streams from writing eBooks, freelance writing, selling courses, manuals, earning revenue from advertising on your blog to making money from affiliate marketing.

Your eBook is never out of stock!
Your eBook will never run out of copies so you will never lose sales! Your eBook is always ready for instant sale.

Your eBook can be edited and re-uploaded for sale immediately!
You can control updates and revisions. Amazon, Smashwords and many other eBook distribution services (or online retailers) allow for you to make revisions and updates in real time. This is may not be possible if you have go through a publisher as they will want to retain this control.

Being able to make instant changes to your eBook is a major advantage for non-fiction authors where information constantly changes. You will also be able to have your most recent version available for sale in the online stores within days. For printed books, if you make a mistake then you are out of luck in making changes.

No packing books to be shipped!
There is no ongoing physical labour involved in packing, shipping or delivering eBooks.

Attract a younger market of readers!
There is a generational shift where readers are becoming more comfortable and accepting of digital products. Digital Natives are those millennials who have grown up with the internet and communicating online via social media and various popular apps.

For this generation, they are comfortable consuming informat6ion online as opposed to previous generations who are less conformable being glued to a digital device.

Increased author visibility and credibility within a niche.
An eBook is a great way for an expert to establish themselves as an expert in their field. An eBook can increase an author’s online visibility and generate leads to their website where other additional services and information products are sold.

Writing an eBook, just like writing a book, will bring greater credibility to an expert. Many eBook authors have gone on to become highly paid speakers at events, conferences and seminars for their field of expertise.

My first non-fiction eBook (in 2004) sold well because I had already established my reputation online within the tennis industry. I also established a list of potential customers through my tennis website which provided an immediate stream of sales as soon as I sent out an Email to my list of members and blog subscribers.

Self-publishing puts you in control!
I have listed ‘control’ as the first advantage as it is quite ’empowering’ as well as motivating to be in control of your own destiny. You have complete control of the design of your eBook cover, the title, pricing as well as knowing just how much you will earn.

You can also leverage your eBook to build your ‘authority’ online as the go-to-expert which will help you to create additional products and services for sale.
eBook authors can retain complete control over the creative processes of their eBook and no longer have to be controlled by a publisher. Self-published authors can retain the rights to their work. This can be very lucrative if your eBook is considered for a movie or printed books later on.

Some authors want all the work to be done for them and therefore choose to accept the offer from a publisher. That is fine. As a self-published author you take on the challenge of marketing and promoting your eBook and you also get to retain complete control over your eBook. This can be an ’empowering’ opportunity for many authors.

The greatest aspect of self-publishing is that it gives control back to the author. Authors can now make in excess of 80% in royalties, retain the rights to their eBooks and also retain creative control over their work.

Self-publishing also speeds up the process of getting an eBook to market. Unlike many books which can take over a year to get to market, self-publishing can take an eBook and get it into the online stores for sale within days.

eBooks provide authors with an opportunity to now share their opinions, knowledge and expert tips and get paid for doing so.

You Decide on the Timing of Publication
Working in conjunction with a specific event can impact your eBook’s marketability. So, being a self-published author you will be less likely tied to deadlines as outlined by a publisher. You will ultimately retain control of your eBook’s release. You will also retain control over which stores you would like to sell your eBook in.

For certain reasons, some publishers may not want your eBook being sold on Amazon’s Kindle due to a conflict. As a self-published author you are free to choose for yourself.

Publishing houses are now chasing self-published authors!
Self-publishing an eBook has allowed many authors who have been previously rejected by a major publisher to go ahead and publish their own eBook. Who would have thought that there would be a complete 180 degree turn in that now the publishing companies are chasing self-published authors and offering them deals!

Authors such as EL James and Hugh Howey have had the pleasure of being presented with lucrative deals for their eBooks and also having the ability to negotiate a great financial outcome for themselves.

There is always help available for self-published authors.
Media International is a global company that is dedicated to helping independent authors. From our niche online stores, to author communities, directories, Author Academy to providing platforms to build your author brand. We are here to help you succeed!

eBooks are easy to create.
Anyone who knows how to use Microsoft word can write an eBook. There are no special skills and technical experience required to write an eBook. When it comes to eBook conversion from word doc to PDF or ePub there are sites that will do this for you for free (e.g. Smashwords).

In fact aggregators such as Smashwords will assist you with every aspect of taking your eBook from manuscript form to published eBook sold in the major online stores.

Increased author visibility and credibility within your niche.
An eBook is a great way for an expert to establish themselves as an expert in their field. An eBook can increase an author’s online visibility and generate leads to their website where other additional services and information products are sold.

Writing an eBook, just like writing a book, will bring greater credibility to an expert. Many eBook authors have gone on to become highly paid speakers at events, conferences and seminars for their field of expertise.

eBook authors are now playing a key role in building a relationship with their fans and customers via blogs, websites, and social media sites.

Mobile Devices are Allowing More People to Consume eBooks
There has been a clear trend in recent years where there has been the shift of eReading from desktop computers to mobile, in particular to reading on smartphones and tablets.

At the same time, more readers are choosing multi-purpose tablets (e.g. iPad) over dedicated eReaders as their primary eBook reading device.

In a country such as India where there is a massive surge in smartphones; there is now a huge opportunity to capitalise on the Indian market of over a billion people as consumers use their smartphones to read eBooks.

You Can Sell eBooks 24/7
You will have access to a world-wide audience via the internet 24/7 as online eBook stores are always open.

Consumers Can have Access to All their eBooks Wherever they Go
A reader can now carry hundreds or even thousands of eBooks with them on their eReader, laptop or mobile device. This is a huge game changer when you think about it. If you go on holiday you no longer have to pack heavy books in a bag.

eBooks Have Some Great Features for People with Disabilities
eBooks provide greater benefits to readers with disabilities as they can be adapted on the screen or read from an embedded audio track.

Font size can be increased or decreased for those with poor eyesight. Portability is a great benefit as an eReader or mobile device allows the reader to turn the page with their voice command or with the click of one button.

You Can Access Daily Sales Reports
No longer will you be kept in the dark about your sales. Most publishers will tell you how many eBooks you have sold when it suits them. Now, most online platforms provide you with daily sales reports from your author dashboard.

An eBook Can Help You Make Some Real Money From Your Blog
It takes time for a blog to gain traction and pay off. The best blogs contain a lot of high quality posts. It takes time to write enough content on your blog so that people will return to search for new content.

You need a blog with a lot of content to make any real money from advertising. It took me well over a year before I received an AdSense cheque from Google for $150.

As soon as I wrote an eBook my blog was transformed from a hobby to a real money earner. Traffic to my blog grew significantly which generated greater income from Adsense as well as from the sales of my eBook.

eBooks Provide Greater Accessibility that promotes literacy!
Many people in the developing world do not have access to books and therefore miss out on the opportunity to learn how to read. Via apps on mobile phones, eBooks are enabling access to entire libraries of books for entire families who live in remote areas.

Worldreader is an organization that is using technology to make eBooks available to mobile phones throughout the developing world. Their cause is to create a literate world as they understand that literacy has the ability to break the cycle of poverty.

So, you are most likely writing an eBook for self-serving purposes; you can also contribute to promoting literacy not only in third world countries but also to educate people who would otherwise never have access to your expertise.

This list could go on for quite a while if we documented all benefits. There are some negative aspects associated with choosing the self-publishing route but these by no means should these deter you from self-publishing an eBook.