35 Blog Topics for a Self-Published Author

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35 Blog Topics for a Self-Published Author

There are many authors who will tell you that their blog is their greatest tool to connect and engage their readers. There are also many best-selling authors who will tell you that they achieved success by partnering with an influential blogger in their category / genre for their eBook.

In order to attract readers you must write and publish informative content and do so requires you to know what to blog about as an author. I have compiled a list of some topics you can blog about; it will all come down to what your blog is about and who your target audience is.

What You Can Blog About

1.    Write about current news topics for your genre or subject matter.

2.    Review other novels or eBooks in your category.

3.    Write a blog post about your lesser known characters.

4.    Write a blog post about your main characters.

5.    Tell a story that creates excitement about your novel.

6.    Feature excerpts from your upcoming eBook.

7.    Write about the setting or location of your story.

8.    Invite your readers to review your book.

9.    Interview some of your readers.

10.    Write about how and why you wrote your eBook.

11.    Write about how you came up with the plot for your novel – inspiration?

12.    Write about your favourite authors and eBooks / books.

13.    Participate in a discussion involving your readers.

14.    Describe how you did your research for your novel.

15.    Recommend and review your favourite eBooks of the month.

16.    Write about upcoming book events or festivals.

17.    Post a and talk about Review book / eBook trailers you like.

18.    Write about a personal hobby.

19.    Write about a current news story involving writing or self-publishing.

20.    Write about a novel you are currently reading.

21.    Conduct a survey, poll or contest involving the subject matter for your eBook with a prize on offer.

22.    Congratulate a fellow author on their success.

23.    Announce winners of literary awards.

24.    Interview booksellers.

25.    Interview a book reviewers.

26.    Post an interview involving you.

27.    Interview an influential blogger in your category.

28.    Interview a celebrity in your field.

29.    Feature tweets and Facebook posts.

30.    Write about a beneficial product or service you used for your eBook.

31.    Provide writing and self-publishing tips for your readers.

32.    Write a how-to post (e.g. how to create an eBook cover, create characters).

33.    Share a fact (especially if non-fiction eBook).

34.    The progress of your next eBook.

35.    Challenges you faced as a self-published author.