5 Reasons Why I Write Non-fiction eBooks

eBookAuthor.com Founder David Horne

Why I Write Non-fiction eBooks

Quite simply, I write non-fiction eBooks because I like to share my knowledge. I have now written over 15 non-fiction eBooks. Some are sold in online stores but most are sold directly through my own websites and online membership portals.

I tried my hand at writing fiction but soon found I lacked the writing, technical and creative talent for my favourite genre of crime fiction. I had much more enjoyment, success and return on investment from non-fiction.

After 12 years of self-publishing eBooks I have been able to establish myself as an ‘authority’ within my field of expertise (self-publishing, tennis and digital media) and as a result create additional products and services for a niche audience.

Benefits of Writing a Non-fiction eBook

1. Writing Non-fiction eBooks allow You to Share Your Expertise as an Expert
If you truly have some expert knowledge to share then writing a non-fiction eBook can be a powerful tool to help others avoid costly mistakes, make money and improve on their quality of life by solving a problem.

2. Writing Non-fiction eBooks allow You to Stand Out from the Crowd
My first eBook on tennis coaching provided me with a platform to stand out from the rest of my competitors online. Having the title of a published author adds to that level of respect and authority. The success I had from my first eBook lead to speaking and business opportunities that I may never have had if I wasn’t a published author.

In this increasingly busy and crowded online world you must find a way to stand out and be seen as the leading authority on your topic of interest.

3. Writing Non-fiction eBooks Allows You to Create Multiple Revenue Streams
Publishing an eBook provided the credibility I needed to a global audience of potential customers who I knew I would never have been able to connect with in person. The reward for being seen as an expert in your industry is that you will be able to create multiple revenue streams to compliment your eBook sales.

Even if your customers live in a different country you will be able to sell downloadable products to them in the form of eBooks, online courses, membership sites, and paid webinars.

4. Writing Non-fiction eBooks Leads to New Partnerships and Joint Ventures
The power that some Instagram or social media influencers yield is quite extraordinary. Writing an eBook can help you to grow your social media network and if you can develop a significant following then the big brands will come knocking on your door wanting to leverage your lists of a targeted audience to sell their products and services. These carefully selected partnerships only added to my credibility and authority.

5. Writing Non-fiction eBooks Leads to Instant Credibility with a New Potential Client
Businesses are creating eBooks to help establish their authority within their industry. These businesses write the eBook to empower the reader with the knowledge they are seeking about a selected topic and then indirectly add in text about their business.

Individuals have also acknowledged how being a published author has allowed them to gain access to more clients simply because they have that immediate credibility and respect as an authority on a topic.