5 Simple eBook Marketing Tips That Can Pack a Big Punch!

eBook marketing takes time

eBook Marketing Tips

It can often be the very simple promotional techniques that can bring about the biggest results. The following eBook marketing tips can be beneficial in helping you to gain increased exposure for your eBook.

5 Simple eBook Marketing Tips

1. Comment on Related Blogs
There are several benefits to commenting when you visit a relevant web site.

When you post your comment you can often include a link that points back to your own website.  When you post informative comments, you are also establishing yourself as an authoritative figure within your niche.

2. Review another Author’s eBook
One tool provided by many reading communities is to view the entire list of authors which provides you with the opportunity to review another author’s eBook.  When you do this you are also promoting yourself.  In each post you have a link back to your own author profile.

I have built some very good relationships with fellow authors by working closely with them in collaborating on each other’s work.

I have since established a fantastic partnership with an author (from another country) I met on a self-publishing site who now reviews all of my eBooks and vice versa.  This ensures a quality review and editing process.

Strength in numbers is the key to building your network and viral marketing.  You will often find a strong bond and common goal between authors and as a result many will go out of their way to assist you in promoting your eBook.

3. Invite Your List of Subscribers to a Free Event
Invite your subscribers to a webinar with free tickets.  This webinar will likely consist of providing valuable tips and advice on the chosen topic.  The key is to not give away all of your tips.

If you have already built up your database of subscribers then you can target them directly.  Your message can be written using a unique invitation which may be more appealing than just an email or message on your website.

4. Timing Can Be Everything!
You need to be aware of certain events that may be going on that may involve your topic or niche.  For example; if you have written an eBook on famous football players; then you will want to promote this concurrently with the World Cup Football.

This way it would have maximum impact and may be picked up by media outlets as it is of current interest.  If you can do this then you will want to run your promotion for at least six weeks prior, and six weeks after the event.

Complete a search for your topic in the search engines trying to find major events that relate to your topic.  Then add these dates and events to your master calendar and just prior to the event; send out a press release to the targeted media outlets that will be covering that event.

If they are seeking an expert to interview; you may have the opportunity to speak on their radio station or appear on TV!

5. Word of Mouth – One of the Most Powerful Viral Marketing Tools!
Word of mouth is one of your most powerful marketing tools.  When speaking about your eBook; talk it up, be confident, and pass on your excitement about the end result.

You can start by asking your family, friends and work colleagues to talk about your eBook and make sure they know where it can be bought.  Try and find a ‘champion’ for your eBook.  Their role will be to represent your eBook and to talk it up.

This could be a member of an eBook club, local librarian, hairdresser or teacher who will recommend your eBook.

I have provided some ‘champions’ with free copies of my eBook in return for their thoughts and helping to spread the word.  As it’s an eBook there is no cost to you in doing this.  Previously a printed book would have more of a cost associated with it when you gave it away.