5 Steps to Boost eBook Sales

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5 Steps to Boost eBook Sales

If 2018 didn’t quite live up to your expectations in terms of eBook sales then now is the time to ask why? let;s look at what you can do going forward to boost eBook sales.

While some so-called experts like to proclaim they have the secret to selling more eBooks, often I see the same reasons popping up as to why eBooks fail.

These five tips are nothing new, but they will hopefully encourage you to have a look at your eBooks that have failed to sell and identify if one of the following is why!

I have covered each of the below tips in more depth in previous posts so I won’t go into detail as to how you can address each of these issues. This post is primarily produced to get you thinking about why your eBook has failed and what you can do to give it a fresh start for for the upcoming new year.

Tip 1 – Your Cover is Letting You Down
Surprisingly, as I write this post I am still amazed at how many self-published authors fail to produce a compelling, attention-grabbing cover that represents the content of their eBook.

Doing it yourself and using a home computer graphic design program is often seen by many authors as a way to save money. What you should realise is that you may be saving some money by not investing in a quality cover you are certainly losing more by losing out on sales.

Does your cover have that ‘Wow’ factor? Does your eBook cover standout? Do you have a quality photo or image? Are you using the right colours? Is the emphasis on your name or the eBook’s title? By looking at the cover does it tell the reader what type of eBook it is?

Tip 2 – Is your eBook Priced to Fail?
One of the most challenging tasks for self-published authors is knowing what price to assign to their eBook. Too high and people won’t buy it as they have too many other options.

Too low and it may send the message of being of low quality. As an unknown self-published author the ideal price range is often between 99 cents up to $2.99.

Tip 3 – You Fail to Reach Your Target Audience!
I have dedicated an entire department on eBookAuthor.com to planning your eBook for success.

A key component to this department is being able to identify exactly those readers who would want to buy your eBook. You must know who your target audience is so that you can market directly to them.

The second key point is knowing where your target audience ‘lives’ on the internet so you can engage, connect and interact with them so that you put your eBook directly in front of them. Are they on FaceBook? Instagram? Goodreads?

Tip 4 – Reviews are Important
Reviews are important because many of the online eBook stores place great emphasis on reviews for their ranking of eBooks. Bad reviews are worse than having no reviews.

If you have received a lot of bad reviews then it is time to pull your eBook from the store and address the reasons as to why you are receiving bad reviews. Source a professional editor to read your eBook. Source a professional eBook cover designer to re-do your cover. Look at your reviews at all the retailers.

If you do not have any reviews then this is also a bad thing. Encourage your readers to write a review. Send out free copies to your blog list and ask in return for a free copy if they could review your eBook. For a period of 3 months give your eBook away for free and gain reviews this way.

Tip 5 – You Need an Editor
This is where I failed with my first eBooks. I just didn’t understand what an editor did. ignorantly, I thought their primary role was to correct spelling and grammar. The majority of self-published authors I talk to believe that they are always writing a best-seller.

Unfortunately, we are often blinded as to what really makes a great story. Your readers are the ones you want to impress and the ones you must convince.

Source a professional editor for your specific genre and I guarantee you that you will be shocked at just how many changes are recommended and how much of your story will be required to be re-written.

The good part is that you will often see that they are right. This is a shot to the ego but it will ‘re-energise’ you to making some changes that can put your eBook on the path to success.

As a self-published author you need to remember that one of the great benefits of eBooks is that they can last forever. Once produced, it will sit on the shelf of an online store indefinitely waiting to be bought.

Unlike paperback books that must be printed continuously and are unfortunately often pulped when they no longer have a place on the store’s shelf.

Many of the best-selling eBooks evolved over time. Many started out as complete failures only to be reviewed and improved and to go on to become best-sellers. So if you still dream of becoming a best-selling author then now is the time to review why your eBook has failed so far and to give it some love by making the required changes.