5 Steps to Successfully Self-Publish a Kindle eBook

5 Steps to Successfully Self-Publish a Kindle eBook

If you want to become a best-selling author then you need to work with Amazon and not against them. Self-publishing your eBook and selling it on Amazon has never been easier thanks to their Amazon KDP program for independent authors.

I have outlined a simple 5 step process for getting your eBook uploaded to Amazon and doing all you can to ensure your eBook succeeds. Making this happen is up to you! Each of these steps has been discussed in greater depth in other articles in our Academy.

So Why Select Amazon?

  • Amazon is the largest online eBook store in the world
  • Amazon’s Kindle eReader is sold by the millions
  • Amazon dominates the eBook market
  • Amazon takes payment for your eBook and delivers it to the customer in a streamlined process
  • The best-selling authors always sell their eBooks on Amazon
  • Amazon has a powerful review system
  • Amazon is in the business of making money so once your eBook starts selling well then they will take notice and help you out.
  • Amazon makes it easy for you to upload your eBook and have it live in their store within days and sometimes hours.

Here are 5 Steps to Publishing on Amazon
Step 1: Plan your eBook for success
Step 2: Build your lists and Author Platform
Step 3: Tick all the boxes for writing a ‘Best-seller’
Step 4: Upload and publish your eBook
Step 5: Time to promote your eBook post publication

Step 1: Plan Your eBook for Success Before Publishing to Amazon
Before you put pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard, you should take some time for planning.  This involves:

  • Researching the topic for your eBook
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Identifying what other similar eBooks are already on the market
  • What competition you have
  • What price similar eBooks are already being sold for?
  • If you will start your own website or blog
  • Do you have a platform?
  • Have you already connected with your audience?

Visit our eBook Planning Department for more help

Step 2: Build Your Lists and Author Platform Before Publishing to Amazon
If you wait until your eBook has been uploaded to Amazon to start connecting with your audience then you will have wasted a lot of valuable time. As soon as you start thinking about writing an eBook is when you start building your platform and social media networks.  This step involves:

  • Joining Twitter and engaging your audience
  • Select other social media networks to connect and communicate
  • Capture your ideal readers’ contact details and build your list
  • Create your author website
  • Start a blog and post informative content
  • Find where your audience hangs out online
  • Join Goodreads
  • Draft a press release in time for publication

And more….

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Step 3: Tick All the Boxes for Writing a ‘Best-seller’ Before Publishing to Amazon
Once you have completed your research then it is time to think about getting started on writing. Some authors just start writing. Some plan every chapter and character before writing a single word. How you do it is up to you and I have seen all types of methods work.

Quick Tips:

  • Plan your story
  • Plan each chapter
  • Think about a powerful and memorable title for your eBook
  • Think about the direction of your story and the plot
  • Create compelling characters
  • If non-fiction, think about what unique information you can provide
  • Who will proofread and edit your manuscript?

This Stage also Involves:

  • Designing your cover
  • Formatting for Kindle
  • Writing a compelling eBook blurb / description

And more….

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Step 4: Time to Upload and Publish Your eBook
You must be 100% comfortable in the quality of your eBook before heading over to Amazon to upload it. Amazon has made it very easy for ‘non-techie’ self-published authors to upload their eBook to Amazon. Amazon may add or delete certain fields so always refer to Amazon’s Help Page for the most up-to-date information.

Here are the Steps on How to Publish Your eBook Using Amazon KDP:
1.    First, create an account at kdp.amazon.com
2.    Find the tab ‘Bookshelf’ and click ‘Add new title.’
3.    Complete the form by following Amazon’s guidelines. You will want to already have the following information so you can just copy and paste:

  • Your eBook’s title
  • eBook Description / blurb
  • Your keywords / tags

4.    Next will be to upload the cover for your eBook (JPEG format)
5.    Upload the file your eBook (word, ePub)
6.    Click ‘Save and continue’
7.    On the ‘Rights and Pricing’ page select ‘Worldwide Rights’
8.    Select a price for your eBook
9.    Click Save and Publish

Additional Information and Requirements:

  • Amazon will email you when your eBook is ready.
  • Amazon may also email you if they need to confirm the eBook’s content is original and you are the owner.
  • Register your tax information for royalties (non U.S. authors Read This)
  • Test your eBook with Amazon’s online viewer to make sure it looks right.
  • Choose a 70% royalty rate.

Step 5: Time to Promote Your eBook Post Publication
The success of many best-selling eBooks is due largely to the pre-publication marketing campaigns conducted by the author and their ability to generate ‘pre-orders.’ So hopefully you have already been conducting your eBook marketing campaign well before your eBook has been published!

We have an entire Department dedicated to marketing and promoting your eBook so I will not try to repeat all those tips here. Marketing and promoting your eBook never stops. Nor just trying to engage and connect with your audience. When you stop so will the sales of your eBook!

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The success of your eBook will also depend on addressing all of the Departments in our Author Academy.  For more help with Amazon KDP check our department Amazon KDP Help for more articles to help you successfully self-Publish a Kindle eBook.