5 Tips for Authors to Connect With Influential People

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5 Tips for Authors to Connect With Influential People

We have talked about ‘influencers’ previously and how they can help you sell more eBooks. ‘Influencers’ are those people who have been around a while and have established themself with their target audience as an expert or someone who has a lot to offer to their topic of interest. These ‘influencers’ are well-connect and can introduce you to your target audience.

The difficult aspect is that you want something from them but they may not need anything from you so how do you make that connection with them? From personal experience I get bombarded on a daily basis with emails from people requesting help or wanting to sell something. Unfortunately I do not have enough time to respond to all. Here are some tips to possibly convert the ‘influencer’ into helping you.

1. Do Your Research First
Learn more about the person you are trying to connect with. Study their blog, website, eBooks, speeches and interests. This will help you to better connect on a personal level.

2. Make an Offer they Cannot Refuse
Make it worthwhile for ‘influencer’ to open your email and reply. You must give first and then look to receive. After all, it is you that wants something, not them. Offer to give them some free publicity by interviewing them for your blog.

3. Don’t Ask for Too Much
You may want a lot, but start with a small request. If it is going to take up too much of their time then they will likely decline your offer. For me, receiving emails to read someone’s eBook and then write a review for them is just too time consuming. Keep your initial request short and sweet.

4. Connect in a Personal Way
‘Personalizing’ your request will help you to have a better chance of succeeding than sending out an email or posting a message on their website. This is where your research will come into play.  Find out how this person prefers to communicate. If in fact they do communicate via their blog then try this approach.

5. Establish a Relationship First then Make Your Request
There was one significant ‘influencer’ who I wanted to connect with early on when I was first starting out. I did this by posting comments on his blog. He would always respond with follow-up comments. After several weeks he actually requested for me to get in touch when I finally got my first website up as it was of interest to him.

In order to be successful you must connect with those who have an influence within your area of interest.  You want to pursue joint ventures where there is a mutual benefit to both parties. You want to be seen as a lead figure and build your author platform and brand. Don’t let rejections discourage you from trying to reach out to these influential people.