6 Post-publication eBook Marketing Ideas to Kick Start Your eBook Sales

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Post-publication eBook Marketing Ideas

If you want to keep selling your eBooks you must continue with both author marketing and eBook promotion well after excitement fades post publication.

If you sit back once you have distributed your eBook to the online stores thinking sales will just roll in and you will soon face the reality of self-publishing.

If you believe you will continue to receive a constant stream of lifetime royalties without ongoing work then you will soon be faced with the harsh reality of being an unmotivated self-published author.

If you are more motivated now than ever to become a successful self-published author then this post is for you as it is about building on the foundation you have already created pre-publication. So how can you keep your eBook sales moving forward?

Post-publication eBook Marketing
You will often come across lists claiming they have 200, 300 or 500 marketing ideas. That’s a great attention-grabbing headline but in reality you are just one person trying to maximize your time between writing and promoting your eBook.

My goal as an indie author is to ensure you work smarter and value your time. To do this, you must have a plan and strategy to focus your efforts on the marketing tools and channels that will deliver the greatest return.

Sample Chapters
Many buyers faced with a huge selection of eBooks will often read the first few chapters of an eBook in order to help them decide if that eBook is what they are looking for. You can offer sample chapters via online stores, via your social media channels, your author website or add links in the back of previous eBooks you have written.

Research has shown that buyers will take a punt on $0.99 eBooks so design a limited time offer where you offer your eBook for sale at this low price. The more sales, more page views, more great reviews you get and so on will force your eBook up the rankings.

Write more eBooks!
The more prolific writers will tell you that this is the best way to continue selling older titles and keep the sales rolling in. If you stop at one eBook then your sales and growth will also stop at just this one eBook.

An eBook without reviews sends a message to the buyer they need to look elsewhere. Why choose an eBook that no-one has read or reviewed? So your goal is to aim for over 100 + reviews as this will draw attention to your eBook.

Piggy-back current new topics
For non-fiction authors you should research events and create ‘Google Alerts’ so you are notified when a news story is breaking about the same topic that you have written your eBook about. Then you can piggy-back this and can create a ‘surge’ in the promotion of your eBook.

Maintain Open Communication with Your Target Audience
Hopefully, you have already established a network and following from your target audience of readers when you completed the pre-publication author marketing components of our program.

Post-publication, it is extremely important you continue to engage them free offerings and trying to get them to write reviews for you. Once you fade into obscurity so will your self-publishing career!

Have your eBook sales plateaued?
If your sales are declining or plateaued then you need to be proactive and re-ignite the excitement that was generated pre-publication.

There are still ready-to-buy customers out there but maybe your eBook is no longer being placed right in front of them. Maybe it’s no longer in the ‘hot zones’ on the book shelf but hidden way back where it will only be found by chance.

If this resonates with you, then head on over right now to our ‘eBook Marketing’ and ‘How to sell More eBooks’ tips to learn how you can get back on track to selling more eBooks.