6 Reasons Why Authors Should Use Video to Promote eBooks

Why Authors Should Use Video to Promote eBooks

An eBook trailer (same as book trailer) is a short movie with visuals consisting of audio (music, voice) that is used to promote an eBook.  The primary goal of the eBook is to entice the viewer to buy the eBook.

If you are a non-techie then the thought of using video to promote your eBook may be a daunting one. Don’t worry, there are the tools available that will help you create eBook trailers without having a background in video production.

In fact, our company, eBooks International, has created a video website specifically for eBook authors. Check out YouTube or www.ebookauthor.tv where you can upload your own eBook trailer, video or interview.

Why Should Authors Use Video for Promoting their eBook?

1.    Video allows you to reach a new audience
You will be surprised who watches videos on YouTube. Videos are not just for the younger generations. Many baby boomers enjoy watching videos. Where these viewers may not be familiar with blogs they may find your eBook via a video.

2.    The popularity of video increases daily.
With improvements in the speed of the internet video has become a popular option for online viewers to gain information. YouTube is a great example of the popularity of video.

A short 30 – 60 second video about your eBook can be a powerful tool that generates excitement for your eBook. An eBook trailer can have the same effect as a movie trailer does with an audience. You can create anticipation for the upcoming release of your eBook thus have a list of customers eager to buy your eBook as soon as it is published.

3.    Videos are more frequently being used to sell products!
No longer is text enough to sell a product or service. More and more websites and blogs use video or audio to connect on a personal level with their viewer. If a customer can put a face to a product then they will be more likely to have trust in what is being sold.

4.    Your video will drive high value traffic to your author website
Videos are powerful marketing tools where you can add a watermark or logo to your video telling the viewer what to do next. You could add your website link with a call to action where you can tell people to click on this link to receive a free eBook.

5.    Your video could go viral!
There are many unique individuals who become overnight sensations on YouTube because of their video. As people watch it they will pass it on to friends for viewing who in turn pass it on to someone else. This is the power of viral marketing.

6.    Google loves video!
Videos often receive high rankings in Google searches. Google owns YouTube so be sure to upload your video to YouTube as well as the more niche video sites. When you upload your video to Google it allows other people, website owners and bloggers to add your video to their site by embedding the link.

We are still quite early on in the development and mass uptake of video yet more and more people will start to use video for promotional reasons. Get in early and get your eBook trailer or video interview out there.