7 Avoidable Problems that Will Destroy Your Event Before You Even Start

7 Avoidable Problems that Will Destroy Your Event Before You Even Start

First time event organizers will face a lot of stress and potential problems that could destroy an event and cost a lot of money. As an author it will also destroy your reputation and damage your ‘author brand’ which will ultimately cause you to lose eBook sales both now and in the future.

Be aware of the following problems before they arise, and you will be less likely to experience the stress associated with problem solving.

1. Not Getting a Commitment from Speakers or Presenters

If you are inviting fellow experts to present then make sure you have established some form or agreement and contract with them. You don’t want to promote all the experts who will present at your event and then find out that come the day of your event you have to explain to the participants these experts haven’t showed up.

2. Not Taking Pre-bookings and Pre-payments

There is just no reason why shouldn’t provide the facility to take payments online. Paypal is an easy to use solution if you are looking for one. If you are planning on taking payments on the day of the event then you will experience the stress of people not showing up who have committed to being there.

And if you have not taken a deposit from them, then you will lose out financially especially if you have already counted on receiving money from them. The majority or people will want to pay via credit card so make sure you have this payment solution available.

3. Not Sufficiently Promoting Your Event

If no-one knows about your event then how can you expect people to come? You can use many of the same techniques that we have listed in our marketing section to also promote your event. This would include social media, direct emails to members, press releases, advertising on your website or blog and maybe the use of paid advertising.

4. Promoting a Date Before You Have Booked the Facility

If you are planning an event (not virtual) then you must have a plan in place as to when you will hold the event and make sure that you have access to the room or location where you wish to conduct an event.

A big mistake is heavily promoting an event and then having to turn around and refund payments. If the only other option for hosting the event is at a more expensive location then you will need to ask more for tickets. If participants have already bought tickets they will not be prepared to pay more.

5. Not Checking Your Calendar!

Check your calendar to see if you have any prior work or family commitments booked. And secondly, if there are any public holidays or major events that will have a negative impact on your event.

For example, you don’t want to book an event on Good Friday, Thanks Giving Day or when the World Cup Final is on.

6. Not Being Aware of the Requirements and Potential Problems with Serving Alcohol

Make sure you have appropriate insurance and coverage as well as required permits for hosting an event where alcohol is served. It will only take one unruly patron to ruin your entire event. Avoid alcohol whenever you can. If you wish to kick o after your event then provide details of a nearby bar to meet up at.

7. Not Having Required Presentation Materials

If you are planning on using a projector, screen, posters or require a podium to speak from, then make sure you have those ready well in advance of the event. You should always pay a visit to the location where you will be conducting the event to see what they have available.

You will also need to check with your guest presenters to see what extra materials they may require.

These are just a few problems that you can avoid through careful planning and having a back-up plan for any problems that may arise. Conducting your own event can be very profitable. It can also be very costly if it doesn’t go well.