7 Proven Tips for Authors to Create Powerful Videos That Rank Higher in YouTube

7 Proven Tips for Authors to Create Powerful Videos That Rank Higher in YouTube

Most internet viewers love video. This is why YouTube is so popular.  I am constantly on YouTube searching for videos about topics I want to know more about.

Video is a quick and easy way to learn something new, watch a funny video clip, gain access to a current news item or watch a trailer for a new eBook or movie.

Marketing professionals within the eBook, book and publishing industry have yet to completely embrace the use of video for marketing purposes. But that is changing quickly.

In previous articles I have addressed what you can make a video about if you are an author so I won’t go over that again here.  What I want to cover in this article is how you can get your video to achieve a higher ranking on YouTube and to also capture the attention of your target audience.

When posting a video to YouTube you must succeed with three main goals:
1. Getting the attention of your target market. These are the viewers who will want to buy your eBook.

2. Keep the attention of your target market in your video. Your video will be given a higher ranking if can succeed in keeping the viewers watching longer.

3. Producing a compelling video that forces the viewer to click on a link to your website or want to learn more about you.

1. Know Your Audience
Conducting the research into your eBook and target market would have provided you with enough knowledge and information to also identify your audience on YouTube. They will be the same people.

Except these potential customers just use video to find out what they want. Once you know your audience then use the tools and techniques described in our marketing department to go about getting their attention. (using targeted key words, attention-grabbing headlines, compelling descriptions etc)

2. Provide the Viewer a Reason to Continue Watching
You have between 10 – 20 seconds to capture the viewer’s attention and encourage them to continue watching your video all the way to the end.

So you must produce some compelling and unique content within these first 20 seconds otherwise the viewer will click off and move on to the next video.  A good way to do this is to tell them the benefits they’ll get from watching your video and start showing them at the beginning of your video.

3. Keep it Short and Sweet
We live in time-sensitive world where people’s attention span is very short. Most videos, whether they are an eBook trailer or an author interview should be less than 5 minutes.  Ideally, trailers should be less than one minute.

If you post an interview that is longer than 5 minutes then maybe to you could upload the first five minutes to YouTube and if the viewer wants to keep watching then provide a link at the end of the five minutes to go to your website to view the entire video. Just because your video is short in length does not mean that YouTube’s algorithms will not like it.

4. Produce Consistent and Fresh Content
Be consistent in the quality of your videos and publish fresh videos on a consistent basis to keep attracting your loyal viewers to your channel. Once you stop producing fresh content you will find your once loyal viewers will go elsewhere.

5. Select the Right Person to Host an Interview
Have you ever been excited about listening to one of your favorite author’s interviews only to be immediately turned-off because of a dull and boring interviewer? This happens all the time.

If you do not present well on camera then hand over the reins to a friend or colleague with lots of energy, excitement, enthusiasm and a natural knack of keeping the viewers entertained.

6. Be Unique and Standout
Stand out from the crowd! Be different, provide a different view, and add some new and interesting views. Viewers want to be stimulated with new content that provides them with a fresh experience about a topic they already enjoy. Create some exciting and even controversial questions for an interview.

7. Create a Powerful Keyword Rich Headline and Video Description

  • Does the title for your video provide a compelling reason to click on it?
  • Does your headline standout?
  • Does your headline answer the viewer’s questions?
  • You may lack the keywords viewers are searching for in your headline, tags and description. For example; if you were searching YouTube wanting to know ‘how to sell more eBooks’ then wouldn’t a video titled ‘How to Sell More eBooks and Become a Best-selling Author’ capture your attention?