How AIDA and Social Media Helped Me to Sell More eBooks

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How AIDA and Social Media Helped Me to Sell More eBooks

There is no doubt that social media helped me to sell more eBooks and grow my list of loyal followers. Not only do I use social media to sell eBooks I also use it to build my authority online for being the go-to person when it comes to self-publishing eBooks.

I often speak about how authors should use social media to engage and connect with their audience and not to try and sell directly. Ultimately your end goal is to sell more eBooks and social media is one tool to help you do this.

However, social media will most likely fail for you if you use it to consistently bombard your audience with ‘Buy My eBook’ posts and hard sales calls. Social media is just the first step in the marketing funnel where you are striving to connect with your audience.

In my self-publishing eBook I talk about the marketing principle AIDA and how it relates to selling eBooks. Here is a basic summary of AIDA and how it works.

A – Attention / Awareness
You must grab your audience’s attention with a powerful headline, eBook cover, blog post, giveaway or compelling eBook description. If you cannot grab the viewer’s attention then they will become distracted and move onto someone else or the next piece of interesting information being thrown at them.

I – Interest
Now you have their attention, they will subscribe to your online newsletter, list, discussion group or free eBook giveaway. Having 30,000 ‘interested’ followers on Twitter is absolutely pointless unless you can convince them to click through to your website, blog or subscribe to your newsletter.

D – Desire
Once you have established trust and built a quality relationship, your subscribers will have the desire to learn more and continue this relationship.

It often takes time for a reader to be convinced to buy an eBook from an unknown self-published author when they have the alternative option of buying an eBook from a reputable and well-known author.

This is the battle you are faced with. You must continue to build the relationship with your audience and their desire to learn more will continually take them one step further to becoming a fan and paying customer.

A – Action
The subscriber has moved through the ‘contemplation’ phase to where they now buy your eBook and become a ‘Champion’ for you by recommending your eBook to their friends, family and followers. When someone gets to know you, trusts you and likes you then they will feel compelled to check out your eBooks.

The AIDA principle will help give you some direction in the process of trying to sell more eBooks. It teaches you that you cannot just jump straight in with messages that are always about ‘pumping’ up your eBook and sending your audience directly to a sales page.

Give First when Using Social Media!
If you think about the words ‘social’ and ‘community’ then you will understand the importance of why you should not make your social networks all about you. A mix of content about you and other people within your niche interest is what gives your network a ‘community’ feel.

If you think talking about fellow authors is not a good idea then you may want to reconsider. When you ‘give’ you shall ‘receive’ and you will often find that when you help someone else out they will reciprocate. Try to; share interesting posts from your followers; join in a conversation of interest; or strive to make connections each week with influential people in your topic of interest.

How Social Media Helped Me to Sell More eBooks

Social media helped me to sell more eBooks by providing the opportunity to find those readers who would be interested in my eBook. I then set about providing a platform and engaging community to connect with these readers.

Social media played a significant part in driving ‘interested’ readers to my website where they then subscribed to my online newsletter or entered to win a free eBook. From there, the relationship started and I noticed my eBook sales started to continually rise, not through direct advertising on social media, but through greater interaction with my audience.

I cannot stress enough that social media is just one tool available to help you engage your audience and sell more eBooks. Your eBook marketing strategy is how you will connect with your audience and social media will play a part in this strategy.

Your eBook’s genre and category will also determine what tools you use. Where your audience ‘hangs out’ online will also determine the tools you use so choose what is best for you!