Alexa Toolbar and Google Page Rank for Author Websites

google page rank for author websites

Alexa Toolbar and Google Page Rank for Author Websites

So you love your website. Your friends love your website. Your fans who happen to find your website love it. But how do you increase the traffic to your site so more people can see how good your site is? This is the million dollar question and why so many companies spend a lot of money on SEO and increasing their site’s rankings.

First, providing a dynamic site with quality and informative content is a great place to start. In this post I specifically discuss two features you should know about to help boost traffic to your site. They are:
1. Google Toolbar Page Rank
2. Alexa rank

Google Page Rank
Google uses PageRank to help measure the quality and quantity of links pointing to a web page to rate the importance of pages. The PageRank value for a webpage is on a scale from 0 to 10 (10 is highest). The higher the ranking you can achieve the more respect your website will get in search results. The higher you get ranked in search results equals greater visibility.

Alexa Rankings
Alexa produces the ‘Alexa Toolbar’ which shows traffic rankings and linking sites for any site you visit. The Alexa Rank of a site displays a site’s popularity. With Alexa Rankings it is the opposite of Google Page Rank in that the lower your number, the better it is for your site.
Just a side note, Alex Toolbar is a part of Amazon. Install as status bar to quickly view any site’s traffic you visit.

Alexa ranks are determined by everyone with the Alexa Toolbar installed so if you wish to be included you will need to download this tool bar.

What Determines Rank?
The more traffic your site experiences the likely your site will achieve a lower ranking.

How Can You Use Alexa Rankings to Benefit You?
It has always been good practice to partner with sites that have a better ranking than you as it only helps to boost your site. If you have an Alexa rank of 300,000 and someone contacts you to pursue a joint venture and their site has a rank of 225,000 then it would be a good idea to consider partnering with them (as long as their site is of relevance to yours) as their site is getting greater traffic than yours.

In summary, you should source those relevant sites with a better page rank and contribute a post (with an active link to your site).

For more information visit:  Alexa Toolbar