Amazon Kindle Pricing for a New eBook

Amazon Kindle Pricing for a New eBook

KDP Pricing Support (Beta) is a service that provides information about the impact that changes in KDP book prices have on number of books sold and author earnings.

It analyzes past sales data for groups of books that have similar attribute values and maps the relationship between price changes and number of books sold.

The service then estimates author earnings based on this relationship.Amazon is using the data it collects to help provide these predictions based on past sales data and by analyzing the relationship between price changes and number of copies sold.

KDP Pricing Support is currently available to all authors, just look for the ‘Rights and Pricing tab’ for each title.

Key factors Considered by KDP’s Pricing Support?

  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • Book’s best seller rank
  • Author’s past sales
  • Page count
  • Category

Eligibility for Kindle Pricing

All titles are eligible to access KDP Pricing Support (Beta). For some books, the service does not have sufficient underlying data to estimate the relationship between the price and number of books sold for books similar to yours.

You will not see the service enabled in these cases. In addition, the service currently only supports or information to help you set list prices in USD. We are working to expand the service to support more books.

KDP Pricing Support

To help authors more easily understand the data, KDP Pricing Support (Beta) factors in details outlined on the pricing page. For example, if the file size of your book were greater than 3 MB, the minimum list price presented would be $1.99 instead of $0.99. Similarly, the author earnings calculation factors in delivery fees based on file size for the 70% royalty plan.

Any update to a list price is subject to the KDP pricing Terms and Conditions. For example, if you set a list price higher than the list price in another sales channel, Amazon may price-match your book.

In addition, if the digital list price is not at least 20% below the list price of the corresponding physical edition, Amazon may lower the sale price.

*this information has been taken from the Kindle pricing help page so please check for any recent updates. Amazon Help >