5 Key Elements to Producing an Attention Grabbing eBook Cover

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Attention Grabbing eBook Cover

I had one client who was struggling to sell her eBooks. I asked her to send though a copy so that I could review all the major aspects to see where she was falling short.

As soon as I opened the email I saw the problem immediately. She had a very ‘amateurish’ eBook cover that failed to meet many of the requirements of an eBook cover that sends a powerful and professional message.

I knew straight away that this author created her own cover using a basic online program on her computer. Trying to save a little money by creating her own cover ended up costing her a lot more in lost sales.

After seeking the services of a professional graphic designer she was able to produce a great cover that did justice to her eBook. It had an immediate impact. Along with some additional changes we made to her eBook this author has gone on to write three more successful eBooks.

So How Do You Go About Creating an Attention Grabbing eBook Cover?

There are five design elements that you must address. They are:

1: It all starts with the title. Most authors already have the title of their book or eBook decided upon before even writing. It’s a part of their dream in producing a successfully published eBook. There is often room for improvement and review of your title before publication.

Your eBook title needs to be key word rich, short, unique, the appropriate size text and be able to sell your eBook.
Two-part titles make good use of limited space. The subtitle allows for you to elaborate on your unique selling point. For example: ‘eBook Marketing and promotion – How to Sell More eBooks.’

2: Carefully select the right font for your title. eBook covers are often very small in size and therefore require a title that is easy to read. The most common fonts used for eBook covers tend to be Arial, Impact and Helvetica.

Serif fonts tend to be more difficult to read when used in smaller sized text. It is also recommended to use just one font for your title. Using more than one can be distracting and may lead to a ‘messy’ title.

3: Carefully select the right image for your cover. You will find a large selection of images to choose from on istockphoto.com or bigstockphoto.com that you can use for your image. Just be sure to read the terms of use statements attached to each photo.

Your image, photo or illustration needs to represent the topic of your eBook. It must also be appropriate in colour and design.

4: Carefully select the right colour for your cover. Please refer to our article series that specifically addresses the emotions, moods and representation for each colour. Specific colours are used for certain topics.

Keeping it simple is the best policy. Too many colours will be distracting and can make your eBook cover look unprofessional and tacky. Try to stick to one main colour and use other colours sparingly.

5: Pay attention to image quality. There is no excuse for a fuzzy or out of focus image on a cover. When I first started producing eBook covers I would use a basic eCover software program that was unable to produce a quality image.

Now, there are a number of quality software programs that allow you to produce a quality image if you do not have the money to spend on getting a professional cover designed for you.

If you are unable to create your own eCover from one of the many eCover software packages sold then seek the assistance of a graphic designer. I would recommend you start with Damonza.

If you get these five important elements of eBook cover design right, then you will be giving yourself the best chance possible of producing a quality cover that helps to sell your eBook.