Author Branding – 3 Reasons Why It’s so Important

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Author Branding – 3 Reasons Why It’s so Important

1. When You Receive Publicity, Your eBook Receives Publicity!
The more you work on author branding the more opportunities will open-up for future media appearances. If you become the ‘Go-to’ expert for your topic or eBook genre then bloggers and media will come searching for you. When you offer your services for free you will also have the opportunity to promote or mention your eBook.

2. You Are the Face of Your Own Brand and Self-publishing Business
As an author you are the representative of your self-publishing business. When you work on your personal brand you also working on building your business as well that may lead to a full time career. You are your brand and therefore have the most to lose or gain from personal branding success.

3. A Stronger Brand Will Lead to More Business Opportunities
If you can build a strong brand as an author then you will notice that more doors will open up for you when it comes to establishing joint ventures and having people contacting you with business opportunities.

Any time you build a new business relationship, or can generate new leads to help your writing career, then you have had a success. If you are going to take on you own self-publishing career then you need to treat it like a business and that involves personal branding.

Be consistent in your branding. This includes using the same photo, image, logo and even colours that represent you.