Author Marketing and Your Author Brand

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Author Marketing and Your Author Brand

You may be building your author brand without realizing it. People will come to recognize you and what you stand for by what you write in your eBook, the articles you produce, what you post on social media and even the interviews you conduct. If you can build a powerful author brand then you go along way in helping to convince people to buy your eBooks and products simply because they ‘know’ your brand and what they are getting for their money.

How will you know if your brand is not helping you or creating the ‘message’ that is required to sell more eBooks? Quite simply, it is not working for you if you it is not helping you make more sales.

There are three key elements to your brand that will help you to create and improve the message your brand portrays to your customers and readers.

1. Your Author Brand Identity
How do people recognize your brand? Every one recognizes McDonalds golden arches or Coca-cola’s logo. And they exactly what they are getting for their money when they buy a product from one of these companies.

Logos can be interpreted many ways. However, your logo should communicate your message across to the reader. You need to analyze and careful think about the tagline you use, the colours in your logo, typography used and the ‘memorability’ of your logo.

2. Your Author Brand Personality
This refers to what you want your brand to be known for. How would you want your readers and clients to describe you?

For example, would your readers identify your brand, you, your writing, your information as:

  • Reliable
  • Unique and original
  • Relevant to the topic
  • Expert advice
  • Trustworthy
  • Innovative
  • Creative

3. Your Author Brand Message

  1. What message does you brand give or provide to your customers? By asking yourself several questions you will be able to identify the message that you want to get across to your readers.
  2. What does your brand offer that is unique compared to your competitors?
  3. What is that your readers actually want from you with regards to solving a problem or satisfying a need or want?
  4. What can you deliver that no other author can provide with the expert knowledge you have?

Answer these questions from your readers’ perspective, not yours. If you have completed the research phase for your eBook then you will have already identified exactly what your readers want, what information they are craving and what information they require but cannot find.

Many authors ignore the importance of branding. If you are going to self-publish you will want to pay attention to the message you are getting across to your readers. If you are writing a romance novel, then a strong brand will create a strong list of loyal readers who will buy your future eBooks simply because they recognise the brand. Harlequin is a good example of being recognised for romance novels.