Author Marketing – Why is it Difficult for Authors to Get Noticed?

Author Marketing

Why is it Difficult for Authors to Get Noticed?

Author Marketing – Are You Being Heard in a Noisy World?

1.    Are you struggling to get your message out?
2.    Are you struggling to engage and connect with your readers?
3.    Are you trying to stand out in a crowded marketplace of thousands of authors all trying to get their eBooks in front of those people who would want to buy their eBook?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then you may want to review your platform and see if it is providing you with the leverage you need to stand out in a ‘noisy’ eBook market place and be a way for your readers to easily find you.

The goal of your author platform is to make sure you are ‘seen’ and ‘heard’ within your target audience. Otherwise it is not working for you in the right way. Writing a best-selling eBook is no good if you can’t get it in front of the right audience.

Why is it Becoming Increasingly Difficult for Authors to Get Noticed?

1. The online eBook stores are getting more crowded by the day.
With the advent of self-publishing now anyone can write and publish an eBook. Readers have to sort through the millions of eBooks available. The market is more crowded than ever. As confronting as that may be, it is important to recognise that more authors are competing for a finite market. Competition has never been greater and any advantage you can get over your competitors the greater the chance of making sure your eBook gets noticed.

2. People are ‘time poor!’
People searching online are easily distracted. People searching online demand instant answers and information. From blogs, social media sites, news sites, websites, online communities to online TV we are continuously being bombarded with entertainment options. People are more distracted than ever. Products are just the beginning. We have more movies.

3. The goal posts keep moving!
What worked last year may not work this year. And what works this year may not work next year. Twitter and Facebook are hot right now. But I guarantee that just around the corner there is some new website that will capture the attention of online users and to ride the wave of popularity you will need to jump on to stay connected with your fans. As an author your platform and online presence has to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing internet.

You Need a Platform to Be Heard!
Social media has provided a powerful platform for people all across the world to be heard. Think about how powerful your platform could be if you had 100 million Twitter followers? Katy Perry has 103 million! So every time she releases new music she has ‘ready-to-go’ fans that will go and download it immediately from iTunes. Social media provides everyone with a voice to be heard on a global level.

Your platform is where you get to share your passion with like-minded people. Your platform is more than just social media. It is just one vital component of making sure you are being heard!

Your Author Platform Will:

1.    Increase your visibility online and among your target audience. If you have established a powerful platform then you are making it possible for everyone to see you.

2.    Make sure you are heard over everyone else who is also yelling trying to capture the attention of your audience. In other words, your voice is being heard above all others in a noisy crowd.

3.    Establish a connection and direct link between you and your like-minded audience. The internet, social media and online communities provide the opportunity for two-way conversations to occur. It gives a voice to everyone. Videos, interviews and podcasts are great marketing tools, but they are one way conversations where the viewers don’t always get to interact.

A Quick Review of Your Author Platform?

  • Are you being heard?
  • Are people listening to you?
  • Do you have followers on Twitter?
  • Do you have friends on your author Facebook page?
  • Are people watching your videos on YouTube?
  • Are people downloading your podcasts?
  • Are people interacting in a two-way conversation by commenting on your blog posts?

……when I say people I am specifically talking about your TARGET AUDIENCE!

Knowing where you stand right now with your target audience will only ’empower’ you with the knowledge of what you need to do. It could be you are at the starting line. It could be that you have established a connection and must do more to ‘nurture’ those relationships so they grow.