Why Every Author Needs a Media Kit

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Author Media Kit – What You Should Have in it

A key component to promoting yourself as a respected author is to have your own media kit. One reason you will want to have this ready is for when you start your marketing campaign and approaching journalists to do a story on you.

They will go straight to your media kit, press center or media room on your site to find out more information about you. This is so that they can prepare for their interview with you.

One key mistake made by authors when they talk to journalists is to focus too much on themselves. To be honest, most journalists and readers are really not too interested in you personally unless you have some amazing story to tell.

What they are more interested in is what you eBook is about and how it will help them. How will the information in your eBook solve their problem? What is that your eBook offers that no other eBook does?

You Media Kit should include the following:

  • Information about your eBook (use bullet points).
  • Information about you as the Author (your author platform).
  • A professional photo of you.
  • A copy of your eBook cover that they can copy and use.
  • Press releases that you have submitted.
  • Reviews and testimonials for your eBook from respected people in your field.
  • Any record of previous print or online interviews.
  • Any record of previous audio or video interviews you have completed.
  • Any topical stories that your eBook raises.
  • Key points as to why you are different from every other author.
  • Key points as to why your eBook is different from every other eBook on the market.

Write a fact sheet that is specific to your eBook. This allows interested parties to go directly to one page for all required information. Many authors will provide this fact sheet in the form of a professional produced PDF which allows for the reader to be able to copy the information.

This saves the reader from having to re-write all the information that they want.

A fact sheet or page for your eBook with the following:

  • Title of your book.
  • Author – even though it is you.
  • Provide a photo of the book cover.
  • Provide a professional photo of yourself as the author.
  • Category or genre of your book.
  • ISBN – is required by some online retailers.
  • Number of pages in your book.
  • Marketing plans and strategies for your book (mail outs, flyers, online advertising).
  • List the retail price for your book.
  • Testimonials you have gathered for your book.
  • Your contact details including mobile number and email (make sure you have a professional email and not an old one with a silly nickname from high school).