Author Marketing

Why Authors Must Stop Playing Hard to Find

Our Author Academy is dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge to become a successful author who sells more eBooks. But why do some authors make it difficult to be found online? As an author, obscurity

9 Tips to Build a Reputable Author Brand that Lasts!

Be real and authentic. Your brand needs to represent you, your business, eBook, writing style or the services you provide. You cannot have your brand misrepresent or make false claims about what you are

26 Tips to Increase Your Author Profile Online

As a non-fiction author, you will want to establish yourself as an expert for your niche topic. In order to do this, there are a number of key steps you must take in order to achieve this 'Expert Status.' Below I have

How to Get to Know Your Target Readers Better in 2019

If you do not know who your ideal readers are then you will find it very difficult to promote and sell your eBooks. The time to identify exactly who would want to buy your eBook is right now! In fact, the time to

Social Media Outpost Channels for Authors

I have already talked about how to identify your target audience and where to find them. Now I want to discuss social media outposts for authors. A social media outpost is a common term used online which is

Which is the Best Social Media Channel to Sell Books?

This is a very common question but the answer is not so simple purely because it will depend on where the target audience for your eBook hangs out online. It is vital you select your social media channels very carefully

Use Social Media for Author Brand Awareness

Over the years I have found that some authors and also publishers are trying to use social media as their prime sales tool for selling eBooks. Social media should be a part of every online marketing campaign. However, to rely

What is a Marketplace Position for Authors?

Your 'position statement' will help to provide clarity and direction for where you stand in your niche market and how you are to be known. Your customers, readers and target market will identify you and your brand

8 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your First Author Interview

Have you just landed an opportunity to be interviewed by a leading media outlet? That's fantastic news as this could be a great way to reach a large audience. If you are preparing for a media interview then you are

How Would You Rate Your Current Visibility Online as an Author?

Can Your Target Audience Find You? This is a very important question that you need to ask yourself. You may have published a best-selling eBook but if no-one knows about it then it will go down as a great loss

10 Ways to Engage Your Readers

You have completed the vital stage in identifying your target audience. That is finding those readers who would want to buy your eBook. Now you have to establish how you will connect and engage with these potential customers

The Personal Branding Process for eBook Authors

Self-publishing requires you to take on all aspects of producing a top selling eBook. One key component is 'understanding' how personal branding can help you reach that goal. Personal branding is how you

Why Every Author Needs a Media Kit

A key component to promoting yourself as a respected author is to have your own media kit. One reason you will want to have this ready is for when you start your marketing campaign and approaching journalists to do a story

Author Marketing – Why is it Difficult for Authors to Get...

Author Marketing. Are you struggling to get your message out? Are you struggling to engage and connect with your readers? Are you trying to stand out in a crowded marketplace of thousands of authors

Start by Getting the Word Out There to People You Know

This is a good simple technique to use right from the start of your eBook marketing campaign. Notify the people closest to you about your achievement in having completed your eBook and let them know that it is