26 Tips to Increase Your Author Profile Online

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26 Tips to Increase Your Author Profile Online

As a non-fiction author, you will want to establish yourself as an expert for your niche topic. In order to do this, there are a number of key steps you must take in order to achieve this ‘Expert Status.’ Below I have outlined 26 tips that have helped me over the years to establish myself as an expert within my niche genre or category.

As a fiction author, you will still want to build your author brand. Not as an expert in your field, but as a quality author for your genre.

Select those tips below that you can use to promote yourself online. Just as J.K Rowling has built her brand for Harry Potter, you will also want to do the same for your novel.

1. Utilize your time efficiently and connect with the important people who can help you.

2. Create partnerships and establish joint ventures with strategic partners.

3. Be unique and different.

4. Stop talking about yourself and tell people what you can do for them!

5. Improve the buttons and sign-up forms on your landing page to help increase conversions.

6. You must maintain a consistent message online for personal branding purposes.

7. Have a plan and follow it.

8. Know what you goals are and where you are going.

9. Find the people who have the lists of your target audience and then partner with them.

10. You still need to treat your members or followers as people.

11. Set-up a fan page on Facebook.

12. Set-up a Twitter account by starting with a key word rich name.

13. Stick to what you know and become the master of your niche!

14. Prepare for interviews

15. Make sure the content you create is always of high quality.

16. Stay up to date with technology and new sites that can help you.

17. Don’t be shy – get out there and meet the right people online.

18. Find out where your ideal customer goes online then go and join them.

19. Identify the top five most influential people in your niche and then put a plan together to get to know them.

20. Understand the importance of key words and search.

21. Learn to give first, then receive.

22. Be active on related blogs and social media networks.

23. Keep your ears open to what the chatter is about your niche.

24. Operate with an honest approach and maintain a high level of integrity.

25. Learn more about personal branding.

26. Be patient, building networks takes time!

If you can become the ‘influencer’ for your genre then you will soon see all the requests that start coming your way as people want to associate themselves with you – the expert! If you have influence over a target market then you become a powerful identity online.