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Fiction Writing Course

Amazon has added a print component to their Kindle Direct Publishing program so now you can self-publish paperbacks to the Amazon store. If you have only self-published an eBook then you may want to consider publishing

6 Tools Used for Creating eBooks

I have listed five popular eBook creation tools. Each creation tool has similarities as well as some distinct difference so please read their terms carefully. Be aware of any exclusivity requirements that are being made

Ultimate eBook Creator

How to Create an eBook Cover Using Ultimate eBook Creator Many people have a dream of being an author and wonder how to go about...

What is the Goodreads Giveaway Program?

Goodreads (owned by Amazon) is the world's biggest online community for both authors and the readers of eBooks and books. I have documented in various posts how you can use Goodreads to help you connect with

Directory of 57 of the World’s Biggest Publishers

World's Biggest Publishers To help you in your search for the world's biggest publishers, I have compiled this list to help save you time. While...

Try this Free Tool to Instantly Generate Topics for Your Author...

If you are searching for some interesting blog topics or headlines then you should visit Hubspot and check out their free Blog Topic Generator. If you are a prolific blogger with a knack for being able to create blog

Kobo Reviews – A Review System for Books

Reviews have long been a vital element in the success of any eBook. Amazon has flourished in part due to the weight these reviews carry among readers. One of Amazon's main competitors is Kobo who up until now

How Digital Book Signings Can be Valuable Relationship-Building Tool for Authors

How Digital Book Signings Can be Valuable Relationship-Building Tool for Authors When I first heard about the emerging trend of authors digitally signing their eBook...

What Is Goodreads?

So what is Goodreads and as a self-published author is it for me? Let's start by acknowledging the fact that Goodreads is owned by Amazon. Goodreads is described as a 'social cataloging' website that provides a

Your Top 20 Blogs of 2013 for Self-published Authors

Our community at is dedicated to sharing information and helping writers and authors succeed. We know there is a large pool of talented and knowledgeable people around the globe sharing their experiences

What is an Imprint?

What is an Imprint? That was what I asked myself when I first came across this term when I first started reading about sel-publishing. We often publish news stories about Amazon or one of the big publishers