You Will Never Own Your Author Social Media Platform

Author Social Media Platform

You Will Never Own Your Author Social Media Platform

When it comes to your social media networks you must understand and accept that you don’t own that account, network, user name or your author social media platform in any way! You really only ‘borrow’ your username or page for as long as the owner allows you to use it. That’s the reality of using someone else’s platform or online property.

It is important to make this point because I have heard of several horror stories from authors who have spent hundreds of hours and years of work in building their lists, followers and network only to have their account instantly deleted or removed because the owner decided they violated the terms of use or for any other reason they choose. It is a devastating and potentially career destroying event if this occurs.

While these cases are rare, they do happen. I make this point to emphasize the importance of owning your own website or blog as this provides you with the security for the long term. Previously, I have used the analogy of comparing it to the security that comes along with owning your home compared to renting where at any time you can be kicked out.

What Can Cause Your Social Media Account to be Deleted or Blocked?

  • You violate their terms of use
  • You post illegal content
  • You link to illegal content
  • You threaten fellow users
  • You post copyrighted content
  • You spam fellow users
  • Your content is not unique
  • You are associated with a criminal organization
  • Just because!

If you engage in unethical or illegal behavior then you have little reason to complain. If you have your account deleted for some unknown reason and the site refuses to provide you with a valid reason then that is when frustration and anger will set in and justifiably so.

Why You Want to Own Your Own Author Platform

  • You have the creative freedom to write what you want
  • You can add new features and plugins
  • You control images, photos and graphics on your site
  • You can promote your eBooks as much as you want
  • You can receive the income from on-site advertising
  • You build ‘equity’ in your author website
  • You can sell your site in the future
  • You can control how the site looks
  • You can add a sign-up box to collect a viewer’s details
  • Unlike some social media sites that come and go, your website will always be there.

The number one reason will always be that you have the security in knowing that your website is yours and cannot be taken away as can happen with any social media network you are a member of. While we are strong advocates for using social media networks to connect with your audience; we believe that you should not limit your online presence to just social media. An author website or blog is a must have!