Should I Have My Own Author Website? The Answer is….

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Should I Have My Own Author Website? The Answer is….

One of the most common questions I receive is; ‘Should I have my own author website?’ The answer is always yes! The next question that often follows is why?

Why Should Every Author have their Own Website? Because….

1.    You don’t own Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

2.    You don’t control the terms of service on these platforms.

3.    You don’t have complete control over the content you post.

4.    You should build ‘equity’ in your own online property.

5.    Your website will assist with building your author platform.

6.    Your website will assist with building your author brand.

7.    Your website allows you to add blog posts with any links you choose.

8.    You can add a sign-up form to collect your reader’s details and ‘list-build.’

9.    You can add the graphics and images that best suits you.

10.    You can design the navigation pathways to help you sell your eBooks.

11.    Unlike Facebook, there will be fewer distractions for viewers.

12.    Many social media sites now bombard users with advertising.

13.    Surveys show that readers prefer to connect with authors via their blog or website.

14.    Owning your website gives you security.

15.    Allows you to become an ‘author entrepreneur’ and expand on just making money from writing.

As you will see by the volume of content in our Academy dedicated to social media, we are certainly fans of authors using social media. So this is not necessarily a debate of ‘one or the other’ and more about having both a social media presence as well as owning your own author website.

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