How Authors Can Profit From Special Events – Part 1

How Authors Can Profit From Special Events – Part 1

Along with helping you to become a successful published author, we strive to assist you in becoming a successful entrepreneur so you can add multiple revenue streams to your earnings.

Many authors have learned how to derive the majority of their wealth not from selling their eBooks, but from public speaking, creating paid courses, selling affiliate products, creating boot camps and selling advertising on their sites.

There are numerous streams of income that you can generate as an author. And the way to look at is that these additional streams of income allow you to continue to pursue your passion of writing.

This article will focus on how to make money from public speaking and special events.

What are special events? These can include boot camps, writing work shops, seminars, conferences and eBook marketing courses. All of which require attendees to pay for a ticket to this special event from which you will receive a portion of the revenue.

Many authors have become “Entrepreneur Authors” and created their own special events so that they can have more control as a well as increase their visibility and status within their niche. While some authors just want to play their part as a presenter or speaker and leave the organizing up to someone else.

These are two very different roles so it is important to be sure as to when you are just speaking in public and when you are actually organizing or contributing in other ways at a conference or boot camp.

These special events typically consist of sessions where experts within their field speak and present for a fee or for free in return for increased publicity and visibility.

You should research each event that you are invited to attend and speak at and calculate the return and benefits for you. It may be worth your time to speak for free so don’t just reject any requests where you will not be paid.

So Who Else Will Present and Speak at These Events?

  • Published Authors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Affiliate marketing experts
  • Personal branding experts
  • Marketing experts
  • Business owners
  • Successful bloggers
  • Product developers

So How Does an Author Profit from Presenting at One of These Special Events?
As an author you may request a set-fee for speaking or you may be able to negotiate a percentage of all sales. This second option can be extremely lucrative if there are hundreds of people attending the event.

If you have created the event then you will need to budget carefully taking into account all expenses and revenue opportunities. I have a colleague who conducts boot camps for fitness trainers and brings in a six figure amount for the four day course. The potential return can vary.

Besides Receiving Payment for Speaking, How Else Can You Earn Money?
If you have ever attended a free seminar or even a paid one there is always a table set-up where you can buy products following a successful event. The same promotion and sale process occurs at concerts where often people will buy on emotion and then justify their purchase later on.

Some of the products young can create and sell are:

  • Printed copies of your eBook
  • CD’s
  • Workbooks
  • Sign up for online courses and take payment there on the spot
  • Event recordings – sell video of the speakers at the conference

Another tactic is to strike while the attendees are motivated and pumped about what they learned during the event and have them sign-up (pre-register) in advance for the next event to be held. You can do this with an incentive of a discount as a reward for attending this current event.

Before trying to create and organize your own special event, conference or seminar it is strongly advised to attend several events so that you can learn from well established events how they do it right. This also applies if you are planning on becoming a speaker at these events.

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