How Authors Can Profit From Special Events – Part 2

How Authors Can Profit From Special Events – Part 2 (Hosting and profiting from your own event)

Experienced authors and well established experts have the opportunity to create, host and profit from their own event. I have organized events and conferences previously but due to the time-intensive requirements I have transitioned to just being a guest speaker.

There are a number of factors to take into account if you are going to conduct your own event. And the key here is to allow for a significant amount of time to plan your event.

In Order to Run a Successful and Profitable Event You Need to Consider the Following:
1. Time
You will need at least 6 – 12 months in advance to plan and promote your event.

2. Where Will You Host the Event?
You must carefully select a location to host your event that is accessible to the majority of your customers and members. The event location must also represent you and the quality that you want to transfer across in your message.

Hiring a room at a dodgy hotel will only send the wrong message to your participants.

There is also the cost associated with hiring a room or area to host your event. If the cost is very high then you will find that these upfront costs will eat into your profits and potentially make it impossible to profit from the event.

3. Who Will Attend Your Event?
As previously mentioned, not everyone can organize and host their own event. Just like having an established platform as an author, you must already have a significant following because of “you” and your expert status.

Maybe you have a large following on Twitter, Facebook, your blog or an online newsletter that you could tap into for potential candidates who would attend.

4. How Will You Promote Your Event?
Once you have established the viability of hosting your own event, along with where it will be held, who will speak, the financial viability and other key factors, your next most important phase is the promotion of the event. Quite simply, if people don’t know about your event then no-one will attend.

You can use many of the same online and offline marketing techniques that we have listed in our Academy for marketing your eBook.

You will need to prepare landing pages on your website for the event that also include a sign-up and registration form an have the appropriate facility in place to take payments. This is where you could use Paypal and your auto responders to do the work for you.

A key component of promoting is to build a team of sales people who will help sell tickets to your event. This is where you can establish joint ventures with those well established experts in your niche to help promote your event in return for a commission of every person they get to sign-up.

You will also have to have the required promotional tools such as affiliate banners, posters, email copies sales pitches ready to hand over to your sales team to help them out as well as create one common messages for the event.

5. What Will Your Event Offer in the Way of Content?
People want to know what they are getting for their money. Some may buy tickets just solely because of your name and many will want to see an outline of the speakers, the key note speaker and what the topics to be discussed will be before paying for a ticket.

You will need to plan who will speak, for how long and in what order. You will also need to meet with each speaker so that you are all on the same page and not providing conflicting messages or information.

You will also need to ask each speaker what they need for their presentation. Will they be using a video? Will they use power points? Will they be distributing hand outs that you will be required to print?

You will also want o discuss branding and how your logo will be displayed and on what material. You won’t want to pay for all the costs and allow for others to get a free ride to promote their businesses.

6. Post-event follow-up
Your event is just the first step to increasing your visibility, your brand and building a nice little empire where you can sell products and services well after the event has finished.

If the event was successful then you can already start to create and make the next event even better.

I would recommend that you send a follow-up letter and appreciation gift for attending your event. This gift could be in the form of your new eBook or a package of products from all of the speakers at your event.