There are Five Types of Authors Making Money from Selling eBooks on Amazon

Authors Making Money from Selling eBooks on Amazon

So who is making money on Amazon? What authors are earning a consistent income from selling eBooks on Amazon? There are actually a lot of authors making money from selling their eBooks on Amazon.

The more important question is; ‘who is making a lot of money on Amazon?’ Hugh Howey’s Author Earnings Report can also provide you with some specific data on what authors are making from the sale of their eBooks / books on Amazon.

From speaking with authors, studying the market, reading success stories, author blogs, studying ‘author earnings’ reports and various other sources it appears that those making significant money can be broken down into five groups. Of course there are some smaller groups generating substantial income.

However; I am talking about those authors who are earning a good living selling tens of thousands (plus) of eBooks. There are many authors who have earned a lot of money from ‘one-hit’ wonders but they are not the authors I am referring to in this article. I am talking about those authors who earn an on-going consistent revenue stream from writing and publishing on Amazon.

It is these authors who can check their account and see hundreds, or thousands, of eBook sales each and every week. They experience ‘peaks’ and ‘troughs’ in sales but always earn sufficient amounts to keep writing full-time.

These Authors Are:

1.    Authors who establish a loyal following after a ‘breakout’ eBook which catapults their existing catalogue (backlist) onto the best-seller lists. e.g. E.L. James

2.    Authors who are prolific writers and publish vast amounts of material. e.g. J.A. Konrath

3.    Authors who write for the most popular genres such as sci-fi, romance, erotica, adult fiction, fantasy, vampire and a few more. e.g. Veronica Roth

4.    Self-published authors who know how to engage, connect and build an on-going relationship with their target audience. e.g. Amanda Hocking

5.    Authors with an established and recognised ‘author brand’ who can generate immediate sales just because of their name, expert status and reputation for a niche market. e.g. J.K. Rowling

Unfortunately most authors can count their weekly sales on one hand. Those authors who fall into one of the above groups are experiencing sales in the thousands and even millions on an annual basis.

Our Author Academy strives to help our members join one of these groups. The excitement we derive from hearing a member’s success story is why we are so passionate about what we do and why we continue to help you achieve this success.

Stay motivated! Re-visit your goals! If your eBook is not selling then identify the reasons why. And find that motivation and inspiration to realise your dream of becoming a successful author.