Is Becoming an Amazon Best-selling Author Based on Luck?

Is Becoming an Amazon Best-selling Author Based on Luck?

Every author wants to become an Amazon best-selling author. But I have heard some authors put their lack of success down to being ‘unlucky.’

Luck is not an excuse and by no means can you tell yourself that you are not selling eBooks because you’re an ‘unlucky person’ by nature. Success or failure is dependent on you and how you take on the tasks required of being a self-published author.

If you want to learn how some self-published authors became best-sellers then visit our ‘Success Stories’ section for some inspiration and reinforcement that it is hard work that will get you there.

Some authors will tell you they received some lucky breaks along the way to their success. I guess it is whether or not you believe your actions had any influence over these ‘lucky’ breaks.

There is little to no skill involved in winning Lotto. When it comes to succeeding in your writing career as well as life I believe that your thoughts and actions play a determining factor in whether or not you fail or succeed.

I have found that the more authors build their platform, get their name out and in front of their target audience and in front of traditional and social media the greater the chance of getting a ‘lucky’ break.

If a publisher comes knocking at your door wanting to sign you up; or suddenly you experience a spike in sales; or you are invited to be interviewed by a media outlet about your eBook then all of these are not due to luck.

A publisher came knocking at your door because they likely found your eBook online, read about you in an online community or discovered you to be an influential person in your niche category with a strong platform.

Luck wouldn’t have caused a spike in eBook sales. This would have occurred because your eBook made a recommendation list, was highlighted by a blogger or because of a social media post by a fan who helped get the ‘viral marketing’ wheel turning in your favour.

You may not be able to identify the exact reason for a sudden bout of success. This is how marketing online works. This is how constantly promoting your eBook to your target audience works.

You never know when one ‘influencer’ or fan decides to share your eBook with others or to their list of loyal followers. It is about the foundation you have laid over the years providing you with greater opportunity to be discovered.

So can having an attitude of believing that ‘luck’ will determine your success be harmful? Absolutely! Why? Because your positive attitude is what will help you to increase your chances of being successful.

A determined and persistent attitude will keep you focused on your marketing plan. If you continue to see yourself as being ‘unlucky’ then you will likely stop promoting your eBook which will be sure to end the hopes of success.

Hugh Howey didn’t become a best-selling author because of luck. He put in a lot of effort and hard work as a self-published author before reaping the rewards of signing a hybrid contract with a publisher to take on his print books.

Joanna Penn is another author who spent years writing blog posts on a regular basis and building her platform. Success for Joanna was not instant and it was not due to being lucky. It was persistence, hard work and dedication to constantly promoting her books and eBooks.

A key sign that you are losing faith is when you start believing that successful authors sell their eBooks because they are just lucky. This is just not the case. If you are having these thoughts, you need to re-visit your goals and analyze your marketing plan to see where you can make improvements.

The main reason for failure is ‘not getting’ your eBook in front of your target audience. So start here and see how you can achieve that.

Your success will not be determined by luck. It will be determined by your marketing and ability to tick all the boxes required of a best-seller.

Here are Just a Few of those Key Requirements as a Reminder:
1. Quality content.
2. A memorable and compelling title.
3. Attention grabbing cover.
4. A description or synopsis that sells.
5. Attain positive reviews.
6. Have a structured marketing campaign.
7. Connect with your ideal readers.
8. Build your platform.
9. Develop a strong author brand.
………And so many more as listed in our Academy.

Conducting a marketing campaign is not based on you hoping to get lucky. It is about making success happen for you. It is about ticking all the boxes to increasing the likelihood of your eBook becoming a best-seller.

It is accepting that it could take months or years to achieve the high levels of success you dream of.  Hoping to get lucky will destroy your determination and confidence.

There are no ‘Secrets’ to marketing and promoting your eBook as some online marketers claim as they try to push you towards buying their products. It is just a matter of you learning ‘How to’ promote your eBook and identifying the best tools and techniques that will help you succeed.

This is the goal of our Academy – to share years of experience and knowledge to help you succeed. We don’t guarantee success as that would be false advertising. What we do offer you are the same tips, tools and techniques we use to help our clients succeed.

So as of right now stop thinking about getting ‘lucky’ as a way to become a best-selling author. Start thinking about what you can do to increase the likelihood of your target audience finding your eBook!