Be the ‘Authority’ Online and Sell More eBooks

Stand Out from the Self Publishing Crowd

Sell More eBooks

If you are looking to make money and sell more eBooks online then people will trust you if they see you as the authoritative figure. You need to be seen as the expert. If you deliver on what you say you will do, then you will build a positive reputation and a brand that can be trusted.

This will help you to sell more eBooks in the future based solely on your name. Just remember that your reputation can be damaged indefinitely if you betray your followers.

The key to being seen as the expert is to prove it through what you offer, tell or advise people. If you have written an eBook on a niche topic then this is a great start to building your brand as an expert person in your field.

This will help drive your target audience to your website where you can on-sell additional products or eBooks. If you produce the information people are searching for then Google will also love you and rank your site highly.

What Google Loves

Google loves websites that provide people with answers and presents quality and unique information. Therefore you need to produce a content marketing plan that helps you to achieve these goals.  It is no use telling people that you are the expert.

You need to show it through content, eBooks, posts, answer and question forums etc. This is what separates those who tell you they are the experts and those who really are.

You need to address your ego online by realising that it is what people think of you that matters. What you think of yourself is less important. If you are perceived as the authority because of what you write then you are half way there to building a long career in your field.

Rules for Being Successful in Marketing Online Include:

1.    Stop telling people you are the expert and instead show them that in fact you are the expert!

2.    Provide unique and quality content that answers questions.

3.    If you build a list of loyal followers in your target audience, you will have a ready and willing group of customers every time you launch a new product or publish an eBook.

4.    Design a great looking website that is professional and contains quality graphics.

5.    Attract and engage your viewer with a powerful headline.

6.    Network with successful people and pursue some joint ventures. Leverage an existing online expert to help you.

7.    Once you build a relationship with your target audience you must constantly work to retain them as customers. If you stop working then there will be someone waiting in the wing to take them from you.

8.    Become Google’s friend and do what they want. Optimise your blog or author website so that Google pays you attention. If you can’t be found on Google then you will struggle to succeed.