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I often like to check out the eBooks of our new members and get a feel as to why they have yet to experience success. Due to time commitments, I am unable provide individual feedback on eBooks as I once was able to do.

I am still constantly listening, reading, watching and identifying what difficulties authors are experiencing so I can continue to provide advice on problem areas that need to be addressed.

Just last week I checked out a new member’s eBook in the Young Adult Fiction Category only to find that since its publication, just over seven months ago, it has failed to sell. In fact, there were no reviews posted which further suggests little interest and that this eBook has since faded into obscurity.

Surprisingly the author had ticked many of the boxes to producing a best-seller such as:

  • The author produced a fantastic looking eBook cover (obviously professionally created)
  • The title was unique and memorable
  • The author created an author profile on Amazon
  • The author’s photo was professional
  • The keywords and meta data were all fine

So Where Was the Problem?
There was a glaring problem with the description the author had written for her eBook. There was very little substance in the ‘blurb’ or ‘description’ that convinced the reader to go on and buy her eBook. It was the stock standard description that briefly described what the eBook was about. It was uninteresting, boring and perhaps a little too wordy.

It was just simply not:

    • Compelling
    • Convincing
    • Interesting
    • Unique

And there was no suspense, drama or message to force the reader to buy her eBook out of pure curiosity to find out what happened.

Just as much as you want to write a description that sells, you must also be aware that it is not a sales copy as you would find for many non-fiction eBooks. There is a skill to writing a blurb for fiction eBooks just as there is for non-fiction.

It is your eBook blurb that must work for you in selling your eBook. It is what will ‘pique’ the readers interest and curiosity driving them to learn more.

So What Could this Author Do to Improve her eBook Blurb?

Set the Scene
Just as a movie trailer sets the scene for a movie and provides you with just enough about the storyline and characters to engage and draw you in, so should your eBook’s description. You need to set the scene by building the plot and then leave the reader ‘hanging’ to find out what happens next.

Set the Mood to Draw the Reader In
People read eBooks in certain categories (YA, Fantasy, Sci Fi) to experience enjoyment and to also go into a world where they escape from everyday reality. It could be a world they dream about, a life they want, a partner they wish they had, or a far-fetched story-line that is intriguing because it is so far away from reality.

The mood could involve suspense, fear, a romantic story, tension, sadness, love or a humorous story that generates happiness and laughter. Your blurb must succeed in setting the mood and less on just outlining the plot.

Create Drama
1.    TV – Drama is what drives many TV shows to succeed. Think about shows such as CSI, 24 and even reality shows, they all contain drama.

2.    Newspapers – Look at the headlines newspapers use for stories to get you to click on the headline to read the entire story. I call this ‘clickbait‘ as they throw out the catchy headline and reel you in by forcing you to click on the headline.

3.    Magazines – the photos, headlines and mood created by magazine covers are there to draw you in because of the drama a certain personality may be experiencing with drugs, weight loss or their love life.

You can learn a lot from how TV, newspapers and magazines capture their viewer’s attention. If there is no drama or scandal then they will fail to ‘pique’ the curiosity and attention of the reader.

The way to include this drama in your blurb is to describe it to the reader and then leave them ‘hanging’ to find out how it all turns out for that character. An eBook with no drama is often an eBook that will often go unnoticed.

Reel the Reader in with a Hook
There are a number of ways to get your reader ‘hooked.’  It could be with compelling characters, a unique story-line, a dramatic ending that seems impossible to survive, the plot or the emotion created by the unknown. A character can ‘hook’ the reader because of their personal struggle, fear, tension or battle.

Briefly Write About the Characters
Some eBook descriptions give away too much information. Briefly talk about the main character and what their personal struggle, fear, tension or battle involves.

Give Your Readers Just a Taste
When you take a bite of a delicious cake or pastry you want more. Companies are always handing out samples of their products just to give you a taste of what you can expect.

If you like what you taste you will find the product the next time you go to the supermarket and buy it. The same also happens at wineries. Why do they have wine tours? Because they want to give you a ‘taste’ of their wine so you go on to buy their wine. The same applies for an eBook.

Give your potential customer a taste of what they can expect if they buy your entire product. if they like what they read in the blurb then they will likely go and buy your eBook. If your blurb does not ‘taste’ good they will find the next eBook that gives them what they want.

How Can You Learn More?
Self-promoters and online marketers often proclaim to have the ‘secret’ to success. There really is no secret or hidden technique for marketing and promoting your eBook.

I have outlined all the proven tools, tips and techniques used by authors in my courses. We have learned from our own experience over the past ten years as well as those authors who have succeeded.

If you wish to learn how to write a convincing and compelling blurb for your eBook then all you have to do is to list the ten most successful and best-selling authors in your category and then go and read, study and learn from the blurbs for their eBooks.

Take note of how they created a mood, hooked the reader, briefly outlined the story, built up the characters and created enough drama to tempt you to buy their eBook.

Now go and write your own blurb based on ‘exactly’ how they did it. Do not plagiarize, but use their line of thinking and study their ability to sell through words.