New BookBaby eBook Store for Direct Sales for Self-Published Authors

New BookBaby eBook Store for Direct Sales for Self-Published Authors

Although most self-published authors have chosen to use the services of Smashwords to distribute their eBooks to the online retailers, there are some competitors that have entered the market and have been providing a similar service. BookBaby is one such company.

Following on from my last post regarding the growing development of ‘selling direct to customer;’ BookBaby has opened its own bookshop at This is another ‘Everything’ store covering the major genres and categories.

However, it is one step in helping authors to sell direct rather than just relying on Amazon and the other big online retailers. Smashwords already has an on-site shop so this is just following in their footsteps.

As a self-published author you want to consider all your options and BookBaby is now that alternative option that requires some looking into. A distribution provider should be able to get your eBook into the major online retailers in return for a small commission of 10% or less per sale.

I know of one such service provider charging authors over $300 to get their eBook into the Apple’s iBookstore. This is not value for money and such a high upfront fee is unnecessary so choose wisely.

Always compare royalties, any additional fees, terms of service and the fine print to select the best service provider for you in distributing your eBooks to the online retailers.

If you plan on writing multiple eBooks then I recommend you learn how to upload your own eBooks to Amazon or Kobo directly as it will save you a lot of time and money. A distributor is a good option if you do not wish to it yourself.

Press Release / May 3rd, 2014 / BookBaby lets authors sell direct and earn more. Authors can publish, promote and sell their eBooks like never before with the addition of BookShop.

BookBaby, the publishing arm of indie music powerhouse CD Baby, is writing a whole new chapter in self-publishing with the opening of BookShop (

All BookBaby authors can now sell their eBooks directly to readers through their own free BookShop e-commerce page, earning more money per sale and getting paid faster than ever before.

BookBaby authors can sell ePub and .mobi versions of their eBooks directly to their readers (earning 85% of the gross selling price) AND also link fans to their eBook on popular retail sites such as iBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others. What’s more, instead of holding onto authors’ money for weeks or even months like other distributors and retailers, BookBaby pays its authors within one week of the sale.

‘It’s very simple — BookShop pays more and pays fast. Faster than anyone else,’ said Steven Spatz, Chief Marketing Officer for BookBaby. ‘That’s what every author is looking for. For example if you sell an eBook for ten bucks on a Friday, you’ll see $8.50 show up in your account the following Monday. No other company gets money back to its authors like BookBaby. ‘

BookShop is free to every BookBaby author, including writers who are now taking advantage of the company’s new FREE eBook publishing package. Authors can upload ePub files directly to BookBaby for worldwide distribution without any upfront costs.

BookShop is the latest addition to BookBaby’s fast-growing list of products and services to help authors find success in the marketplace. ‘It used to be that writers were thrilled just to have their manuscripts turned into an eBook and listed for sale on Amazon,’ said Spatz. ‘But for today’s independent author, literary success requires a lot more than just great file conversion and retail distribution.’

‘BookBaby’s new motto is ‘publish, promote and sell.’ While we’ll always help our authors publish books, they also need the opportunity to promote and sell their books. We’ve given our BookBaby authors exactly that with BookPromo and now BookShop.’

BookPromo, a free promotional service for all BookBaby authors, debuted in late 2013 and continues to grow with new products and placements with many of the industry’s top promotional companies including GoodReads, PR Newswire, Reader’s Favorite and many more.

BookPromo features book discovery placements, free reviews, promotional opportunities and resources. More details can be found at

BookBaby is the sister company to CD Baby, the world’s largest online distributor of independent music. Founded as a garage start up in 1998, CD Baby has grown to become one of the most trusted names in the independent music business, paying over a quarter billion dollars to over 300,000 artists worldwide.

The company’s newest brand is following in the footsteps of its corporate sibling by helping authors realize their literary dreams. ‘With CD Baby we’ve brought musicians and fans directly together,’ said Spatz. ‘BookBaby and BookShop are going to do exactly the same for authors and readers.’

First BookPromo and now BookShop: It’s clear that BookBaby is turning the page. It’s a whole new chapter in self-publishing.

About BookBaby
Distributing eBooks in over 170 countries through 12 online retail stores, including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and more, BookBaby offers a full array of services including eBook formatting, cover design, and distribution, as well as short run book printing. BookBaby is the sister company of online music powerhouse CD Baby.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, CD Baby is the world’s largest online distributor of independent music. Since 1999 the company has helped almost a million indie musicians sell their music, paying over $300 million back to artists in the process.

In launching BookBaby in early 2011, the company is taking those same services and powerful resources to the digital publishing world to help independent authors and publishers accomplish their goals.