Build Social Media Networks to Interact With Your Readers

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Build Social Media Networks to Interact With Your Readers

Social Media, used in the right way, can provide you with an incredibly powerful tool to connect with your target audience.  Joining the most relevant conversations for your eBook genre on Twitter or Facebook are great opportunities for promoting your eBook.

Social media gives you unprecedented ability to listen and respond to your customers.  When using social media you must judge the return you are getting for the time you are putting into making regular posts.

Marketing your eBook online through social media can be time-consuming.  However, your time and effort will be well-rewarded if you do it the right way.  You may just be able to generate a lot of buzz and interest about your eBook if something that you’ve done online (an interview, Twitter post, a YouTube video, an article) goes viral.

Don’t waste your valuable time on a social networking site that is not delivering the results you want.

Make sure that whatever you put online is appropriate and will be attention-grabbing.  Social networks can work in both ways – in your favour and also against you.  Social media gives you the chance to build or introduce ‘your’ brand as an author.

Keep your posts informative, accurate, and short.  They need to quickly grab the attention of your viewer otherwise they will move on quickly.  If they like what they read then they will be more likely to spread the word and pass on your link to others.

The key here is to respect your readers and don’t spam them as they will switch off very quickly.  When you use social media for marketing purposes you need to do it in a subtle way.  The techniques used with these social media sites will differ from the marketing you do through paid advertising where people are aware that you are trying to sell to them.

The way to be subtle is to participate in a way that you converse with your audience rather than just advertising your eBook through a sales pitch.  Once you have established communication, then you can slowly work in some information about yourself as an author and your eBook.

Primary Social Media Sites to Target:

  •     Facebook
  •     Twitter

Author Directories and Community Sites to Consider:

Key Points to Using Social Media for eBook Marketing:

1.    Have a plan before you start.  If you don’t have a well-structured marketing strategy documented, and attainable goals set, then you won’t be able to select the best techniques to reach your ideal customer.

2.    Create measurable and obtainable goals that are realistic.

3.    Don’t spam social networking sites as it won’t work and will likely cause more harm to your brand.  You!

4.    Tailor your marketing messages to your ideal customer on a personal level.  Impersonal marketing techniques rarely work.

5.    Be consistent with your messages so as not to confuse your readers.

6.    Make sure you connect with, communicate with, and engage your followers.

7.    Always produce quality content as anything of sub-par standard may cause your potential customers to switch off for good.

8.    Don’t be too pushy as people hate being sold to and having messages forced upon them.

9.    Don’t just rely on one social media site to bring in the quality and quantity of traffic you need in order to reach your sales goals.

10.    As an author you will also want to network with other authors which may help establish a future joint venture as well as find out; tips, ideas and news that may assist you with your writing career.  Social media is a great way to connect with these fellow authors and learn from their successes.

Respect Your Audience!
As an author you need to have a healthy level of respect for your readers.  Your readers are likely to be well-educated and too smart to fall for the dishonest tactics that some use in creating large followings.

One such tactic of ‘buying’ followers is one that will likely cause you a lot of trouble down the road.  This can be brand destroying!  You should strive to build a legitimate, loyal and interactive fan base through your social media platforms.