Build Your Author Profile by Helping Out Fellow Authors

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Build Your Author Profile by Helping Out Fellow Authors

This is a case of ‘give and you shall receive.’ Give help first by helping others and in return you will also receive help to build your author profile. This is one technique that will raise a few eyebrows but it does work. One example is via the technique of interviewing well known people within your field.

When you interview someone you are making them more well know and helping to further build their brand. When your name is associated with theirs then you are also gaining recognition.

It’s often about building ‘relationships’ with those who can help you out. The more relationships you build with influential people the more you will build your name and brand.

You will find yourself gaining access to events that you would have never been invited to before. You may also be invited to be interviewed by others as your name becomes recognised within your field.

There Are Many Ways to Help Other People Out. For Example;

  • Interview them for your author blog.
  • Interview them for an audio pod cast.
  • Interview then for your online newsletter.
  • Place their name on your website.
  • Invite them to write a testimonial with their name and website link at the bottom.
  • Invite them to write a ‘foreword’ for your new eBook.
  • Invite then to join you in an event presentation where you do all the work and they just get their name out there.

At first, you will feel like you are just acting as someone’s PR agent. However, if you do it right you will soon see your name next to those experts which will only build your brand.