Can Joining Kindle Unlimited Push Your eBook to the Best-seller List?

Can Joining Kindle Unlimited Push Your eBook to the Best-seller List?

After careful observation of the Kindle’s best-seller list, it appears that that submitting your eBook to Kindle Unlimited (KU) could just give your eBook the boost it needs to achieve best-seller status. How? It has been reported that Amazon is counting Kindle Unlimited reads, as well those eBooks sold via the Kindle store, in its best-seller rankings.

If this is the case then it is a smart tactic by Amazon to convince authors to submit their eBooks to the KU program due to the additional benefits and incentives it provides.

It may be more of the case of that if you do not participate in Kindle Unlimited that you may be at a disadvantage to those authors who do participate. It is that all well-to-known sales tactic of making someone feel like they are ‘missing out’ that will force them to take action.

eBooks by self-published authors who are not exclusive to Amazon and those from publishers not participating in Kindle Unlimited could be at a disadvantage when it comes to hitting Kindle best-seller list.

Since the launch of Kindle Unlimited the number of eBooks on the Kindle best-seller has gone from 15 to over 40. We will need to study the best-seller lists over a longer period of time to establish a trend.

So, going forward it will be interesting to see if there are more Kindle Unlimited eBooks appearing on Kindle’s best-seller list. If this is the case, getting your eBook into KU is an option you will want to strongly consider.