How Can Writing an eBook Build Your Personal Brand?

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How Can Writing an eBook Build Your Personal Brand?

For many years online marketers and entrepreneurs have written and used eBooks for the sole purpose of self-promotion and building their personal brand within their field. It was this use of eBooks that I believe slowed the uptake of eBooks by the general public for many years.

eBooks have now become a legitimate reading alternative to printed books and well established authors have now taken over from those ‘self-promoters’ who wrote eBooks of little value and content.

eBooks are now powerful tools for building your personal brand and authority for a niche topic. If you write and produce an eBook that can establish you as an expert within your field, then you will open up the door to many more opportunities.

This could include being invited to speak publicly or being interviewed by journalists. It also provides you with the opportunity to produce additional products that people will buy simply because you have become a trusted and reputable brand.

So how does writing an eBook help to build your personal brand?

1. You Gain Respect as an Expert
If you can write an eBook that has a unique point of view that can solve someone’s problem or make their life better, then you will build your brand as an expert where you provide something unique from your competition.

If your target market buys your eBook, then you are being validated for your knowledge to provide valuable tips, advice and information for which people will recognise you and come back to you in the future.

2. Increase Your Online Visibility
A well-written eBook will be distributed and sold in all of the major online stores along with being picked up by a network of affiliates who will promote your eBook on their websites or blogs. This coverage is as good as it gets for getting your name and contact details out there.

Unlike many businesses that solely rely on their one website or blog to attract potential customers; an eBook is taken directly to your target market and you will leverage a network of affiliates to build your name and brand.

Your increased visibility in search engine rankings, on hundreds of websites, blogs and review sites will help to build your brand in a significant way.

3. Networking
When you become an established expert you will find that people will seek you out for interviews, testimonials, to write articles or to pursue joint ventures. You will be able to connect with fellow experts that will further build your standing within your field and open up new doors for new and exciting projects.

4. Increase Your Knowledge and Positioning Within Your Field
When you write an eBook on your topic you will be sure to learn something new about your niche topic. To write an eBook requires additional research and as a result you will likely pick up on some new information. This will only help to build on your understanding of your topic and to allow you to pass on more information to your readers.

5. Writing an eBook Will Improve Your Communication Skills

The more you write the better you get! The more you speak in public the more accomplished you become and the less anxious. The skills you learn from writing an eBook will help you to take on new ventures and roles and thus build on your brand. This includes the confidence to accept new media (video, audio) to help market yourself.

6. Create New Income Opportunities
Our section on ‘Entrepreneur Authors‘ in our Academy shows you how you can leverage your eBook content to create and profit from new information products such as eCourses, video tutorials and speaking opportunities.

From Paid Advertising, Can You:

  • Build your brand?
  • Reach your target market on a mass scale?
  • Build your credibility?
  • Build your status as an expert?
  • Build trust with the viewer?
  • Prove how good you are?
  • Create new partnerships?
  • Build relationships?
  • Build an advertisement that operates 24/7 like your eBook would?

The answer would be ‘No’ to many of these questions. Having your own eBook will do all of these for you. The power of writing your own eBook is one that can only be known by those who have become successful authors.

Many of the online entrepreneurs I know have started out from writing one eBook. From there they have gone on to build their own little ’empires’ where they produce a constant stream of income.

All of the top companies have specialised staff and experts on branding. The sole responsibility of these staff members is to build the companies’ brand and build brand awareness.

The power of a brand such as McDonalds, Microsoft or Google has incredible pulling-power than attracts people because they know what value and quality they will get with these brands.

Your goal as an author is to establish ‘You’ as your brand for your target market. If you write fantasy novels then you want to be known for this. If you are a non-fiction author writing about making money on the internet then you want to become the ‘go to’ person for this information.

By writing an eBook you are selling yourself and building your brand to your ideal customers.