Are You Capitalising on the Hot New Trend in Creating eBook Trailers to Improve Sales?

Are You Capitalising on the Hot New Trend in Creating eBook Trailers to Improve Sales?

Video in recent years has become incredibly popular. You just have to have a look at the popularity of YouTube to see how people love watching videos. As a result of improved technology and faster internet speeds we can now create and watch videos for a low cost.

The question often posed by many authors is; ‘how can they use video to better promote their eBook and give them an advantage over their competitors?’

The answer is to create your own eBook trailer and distribute it to the most relevant sites. Below I will share with you tips to get the most out of your videos.

5 Tips to Make Your eBook Trailer Go Viral:

1. Upload Your eBook Trailer to YouTube
Everyone goes to YouTube to watch videos so you also need to upload your eBook trailer in the ‘most-viewed’ and ‘most-powerful’ video sharing site on the internet.

One more thing you will want to do is to create your own YouTube channel. You can learn more about this by visiting YouTube at

2. Upload Your eBook Trailer to Your Own Blog or Author Website
If you have your own author page, blog or website then you will want to add your own trailer to your home page. You can also create a separate page if you have more than one trailer and eBook to promote. Many sites have the ability to embed YouTube code of your trailer.

3. Set-up Your Own Twitter Account and Tweet About Your eBook Trailer
Twitter has become a powerful tool for authors when it comes to marketing their eBook. It is important that you provide quality and informative tweets to your followers and when appropriate you can mix in a tweet that mentions your new eBook or trailer.

4. Optimise Your Blog or Website So Viewers Can Find Your eBook Trailer
It is vital that you learn the basics when it comes to SEO and site navigation. If you are going to add your eBook trailer to your site then you need to make sure that people can find it.

5. Create a Series of eBook Trailers
Most authors create just one trailer for their eBook. However, one growing phenomenon is to ‘create suspense’ for an eBook through a series of specially crafted and specifically timed releases of trailers representing varies aspects of that eBook.

Example: Create one trailer for the introduction of your eBook and then release a series of additional trailers over the period of a month in the lead up to the publishing and launch of your eBook.

This series will lead to building anticipation and excitement for the viewer that they will want to buy your eBook to find out what happens after being pulled in with a series of ‘teaser’ videos.

You will want to submit your video to several top video sites. Hopefully, your video will become viral and people will spread your video across the internet and do the work for you.