The Case as to Why Publishers Should Sell Direct to Readers Has Never Been Greater

The Case as to Why Publishers Should Sell Direct to Readers Has Never Been Greater

If there was ever a time and reason as to why publishers should look to sell ‘direct to readers’ it would be now as we watch the battle between Amazon and Hachette continue on without a settlement in sight.

Amazon’s success has been based on publishers giving them the books and eBooks to sell to customers. Without these Amazon would not have had a business. Amazon is incredibly smart and realized early on that the tap could be turned off in the supply of products so they set-about creating their own online publishing platform which gave rise to Amazon KDP.

Now Amazon has a platform where they are becoming less dependent on publishers as authors self-publish direct to Amazon.

The current channels of distribution work well in supplying readers with all the eBooks they want. The main problem is that publishers are complaining that they are being dictated by Amazon as Hachette is currently experiencing. Therefore the answer is for publishers to establish multiple sales channels where they are no longer dependent on one giant such as Amazon.

What I still see publishers doing that is causing them to fail is to build another ‘Everything’ store on their website. You simply cannot compete with Amazon this way. Sure, you will achieve some sales, but nothing that would cause Amazon to stand-up and take notice.

What is required is to create entirely new engaging, interactive and compelling ‘targeted’ platforms that connects with the reader first and then sells! You can connect with the reader first though informative content, videos, free eBooks, discussion groups, forums, and once they like what they find then they will be more likely to buy an eBook directly from this site rather than trying to find it on Amazon.

Why Must Publishers Sell Direct to Customer?

  • Establish control over their future.
  • Establish greater control over their profit margins.
  • Control the collection of sale data.
  • Build their brand.
  • Use data to improve marketing strategy.
  • Give authors a reason to publish with them.
  • Show authors that by owning these ‘platforms’ that they can provide a better marketing service.