How to Choose the Right Colours for Your eBook Cover – Part 1

How to Choose the Right Colours for Your eBook Cover – Part 1

Choosing the wrong colour for your eBook cover can have devastating effects. Colour can have a profound impact on your prospective buyers. Quite simply the wrong colour can give the wrong impression about your eBook’s topic. The wrong colour can trigger the wrong sensory emotion for the viewer.

Selecting the wrong colour can negatively impact your eBook sales, while selecting the right colour can trigger positive emotions motivating your visitors to buy from you.

For example; how often do you see a martial arts eBook that uses pink colour? Or a romance novel that uses black colour? Or a yoga eBook that uses bright bold colour?

Marketing departments know how colours affect customers and as a result they pay a lot of attention to colour when creating marketing campaigns. For example; Ferrari uses bright bold red for a reason.

Tips for Selecting the Right Colour for Your eBook Cover:

1.    Consider your audience.

2.    Responses to colour can vary by age, gender and cultural background.

3.    Choose colours that do not clash

4.    Communicate your message with easy-to-read text.

5.    Colour will affect how a potential buyer reacts to your eBook.

6.    Carefully select your colour scheme for your eBook cover.

7.    Remember that emotions trigger sales.

8.    Bright bold colours tend to stir us up

9.    Softer pastel colours calm and relax us.

10.    If your target audience is women, then choose soft, pastel colour.

11.    If your focus is on children, choose bright, vibrant colour.

12.    Choose colours that are appropriate for your book’s topic.

13.    Use colours for your eBook that fit into your branding model.

14.    Keep the number of colours you use to three or less.

15.    When using photographs on your eBook cover, use colours that complement the primary colours in the picture.

16.    Use colour for your text that contrast with the background colour so your text is readable.

17.    Consider the mood you want to create.