Convince Your Readers Why Your eBook is Right for Them

Convince Your Readers Why Your eBook is Right for Them

You must be able to convince your readers that your eBook is better than your competitor’s eBooks. Tell a story to your readers and let them know why your eBook is good for them. Don’t just focus on what your eBook is about or how god it is. Provide them with a reason to select your eBook over your competitors and let them know what it can do for them.

For non-fiction eBooks, this should be a part of any eBook marketing campaign as you let the reader know how you can; solve their problem; answer their question; make them more money; make them healthier or happier; or how your expert knowledge will save them time and money.

For authors of fiction your sell will be a little different. You need to sell your readers on the emotions they will derive from reading your eBook. It could be the thrill, suspense, fear, excitement, romance, or just providing them with the understanding that they have never read an eBook like yours as the storyline and plot is so uniquely compelling.

Whether your eBook is fiction or non-fiction, you will be able to decide on what story and how you will sell your eBook to your readers based on knowing exactly who your audience is and what compels them to a buy an eBook in a specific genre.

How to Convince Your Readers

1.    Stay Focused on Your Audience
Although your audience and reading group could run into the millions, you want to tell the story as if you are speaking directly to that individual. Stay focused on making your message reach out to each individual and how it is in ‘their’ interest to read your eBook.

2.    It’s Easy to Promote and Sell Quality
It is very difficult for a salesman to sell something that is of low quality and is a product they do not believe in. If you sincerely believe you have produced a high quality eBook that is value for money, then you can honestly promote the benefits a reader will get from reading your eBook.

3.    You Can Convince the Agnostics but You Cannot Sell Believers
You can always change the mind of someone ‘contemplating’ whether or not to buy your eBook. You can change the mind of those who have yet to make up their mind. Where you will be wasting your time is trying to convince those stubborn people who have already made their mind up about you, your eBook or your eBook’s genre.

4.    The Power of ‘Missing out’ Can be Very Convincing
Tell your readers why this is a story they will want to read. Sell the characters, story or plot and convince the reader why your story is one they do not want to miss out on. The power of ‘missing out’ can be very convincing. Loss Aversion tells us that people are more motivated to avoid loss than seek gain!

5.    Give the Reader a Taste that Gets them Coming Back for More
This is why authors, publishers and online stores give away sample chapters. If your eBook is good enough to capture the reader’s attention in those first few chapters then the reader will feel compelled to buy your entire eBook to find out what happens. This is why it is easy o sell a product you believe in. Software companies give you a free trial (e.g. try free for 1 month) because they believe in their product and know that you will like it and therefore go on to buy it.

6.    Focus on the Niche Topic and Genre of Your eBook
If your eBook falls into the crime fiction category then don’t try to convince those readers who prefer YA fiction to buy your eBook. Rarely do readers cross-over into such varying genres. Your time is better spent targeting those readers who enjoy your genre or are searching for the specific information your eBook has to offer.

7.    Remove Any Barriers that May Prevent Your Customer from Buying
Do you have too many links on your website that will drive a customer mad? Do they have to fill-in too much information just to buy your eBook? Are they required to sign-up for new accounts they do not want to do? Does the CAPTCHA form at the end drive your customers mad because the letters are too difficult to read? Make it easy to buy your eBook.

8.    Ignore a Person’s Status
Some of the most brilliant and also wealthiest people in the world did not finish High School. Some dropped out of University early on and some steer clear of the often ‘powerful’ titles that many people in the corporate world try to attain. You should target every reader who would want to buy your eBook regardless of their title, income level, where they live or what influence they have over others.

You are not pursuing a joint venture or partnership with them; you are trying to show them why they would want to read your eBook. So don’t focus on how many Facebook friends they have, or how many Twitter followers they have, focus on their reading preference. Show your readers that your eBook is for them and that it does not eliminate them as a customer because of their title or background.

9.    Help Others as You Would Want to Be Helped
I find that authors are some of the most generous people I meet. I often find authors offering to write a review, testimonial or help promote another author’s eBooks. Offer to interview a fellow author for your blog and they will likely reciprocate in trying to help you. Mention an author’s eBook on Twitter and they may just do the same for you. If you go out of your way to help fellow authors, you will find that many will do the same for you. If your readers find other authors talking about your eBook then this will help to convince them that just maybe your eBook is worth reading.