The Deadly Sins of Selling an eBook Every Author Must Avoid

The Deadly Sins of Selling an eBook Every Author Must Avoid

Are you pushing the sales of your eBook too hard? Are you saying the wrong thing without knowing it? Can you actually be talking your readers out of buying your eBook?

When it comes to selling an eBook persistence and patience are two very important characteristics you need as you will not become an instant best-seller overnight.

If you come across as a pushy salesman and author then you may just be doing more harm than good. Just as there are tips on ‘how to sell,’ there are also ‘deadly sins’ in ‘how not to sell.’ I have outlined these below.

Your First Mistake: Not Building Trust and Credibility
If you can build trust and credibility with your audience they will return again and again in the future to buy your eBooks because they know you will deliver on what you promise.

You can build trust through your blog posts, posting quality reviews and testimonials and respecting your readers by returning their emails. Going for the quick dollar selling an eBook that is not value for money will only ruin your brand and reputation.

Your Second Mistake: You Keep Selling When You Have Already Sold!
I remember hearing the quote; ‘Don’t Keep Selling When You Have Already Sold!’ This is such a powerful quote as all too often sales people get carried away and keep talking and selling even after a customer has already told them they are ready to buy.

When your customer states they are ready to hand over their money then that is the time to stop talking! The same applies online in that if you push too hard with an ‘up-sell’ of adding on additional products then you may lose the customer.

Your Third Mistake: You Don’t Listen to Your Customer!
One of the greatest skills you can learn when selling is to first listen to your customer and see exactly what it is they want. Too many salesman get carried away by wanting to show off their knowledge in the product they are selling.

Too much information can actually make you lose the sale. So, when you meet your potential customers let them tell you what you want and then you can let them know how you can help them.

It is always a good idea to ask them questions as this encourages them to speak and you to listen. This applies to the ‘extraordinary long’ sales copy. The days of ‘endless’ sales copies are over.

Your Fourth Mistake: Not Focusing on Your Customer
If you are purely driven by money and commissions then you will likely become desperate and try to earn money off everything you do.

When connecting with your readers and promoting your eBook you must be prepared to ‘give first’ then aim to be rewarded with increased sales later on.

You must ‘focus’ on your readers and give them what they want first before trying to get money off them. This is how your author blog will work. Provide quality and informative posts for free and then you may just lead them to buying your eBook.

Your Fifth Mistake: You Don’t Automate the Selling Process
As you are selling a digital product online such as an eBook, you must make sure you automate the entire selling process and check that there are no hitches along the way. This will also save you time and money.

From the time the reader selects your eBook, hits the ‘Buy’ button and all the way to the delivery of the eBook you will want to ensure everything is working well. A payment processor such as PayPal will help you in ensuring success.

Your Sixth Mistake: Bluffing Your Way Through a Sale
We have a natural inbuilt system which often alerts us to when someone is full of nonsense. As they say – ‘trust your gut!’ You may produce amazing graphics, posters, banners, sales copies; but if your eBook does not deliver on what you promise then you will lose out in the long run.

Your Seventh Mistake: Not Being Accountable for Your Own Success
All too often I hear authors blame others for their failure. From; their designer producing a poor eBook cover; their publisher not properly promoting their eBook to blaming online stores who push their eBook down so far on the list that no-one can find it.

There are service providers who will help you, but ultimately your success will come done to you and just how much effort you are willing to put into connecting with your audience and marketing your eBooks.

If your eBook becomes popular then the online stores will make sure they put your eBook in a prime position.