Directory of 57 of the World’s Biggest Publishers

World’s Biggest Publishers

To help you in your search for the world’s biggest publishers, I have compiled this list to help save you time. While producing this list I came across some publishers I was not familiar with and know little about so I strongly advise that you do your own due diligence on each and every publisher.

I have also chosen to list publishers by country rather that from the biggest to the smallest as most authors often prefer to partner with a publisher that is in their own country or from a country that is familiar to them.

This list includes the name of the publisher, the country of its headquarters and where possible, a link to their website. Also, some companies have headquarters is several countries which can be found on their home website.

It is also important to note that we are in a phase of mergers and acquisitions so expect to see more between the companies listed. You can track the most recent mergers and acquisitions via our ‘Publisher News’ department.

United Kingdom
1.    Pearson
2.    Reed Elsevier
3.    Informa
4.    Oxford University Press
5.    Cambridge University Press

United States
1.    Thomson-Reuters
2.    McGraw-Hill Education
3.    Cengage
4.    Wiley
5.    Scholastic
6.    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
7.    HarperCollins
8.    Simon & Schuster
9.    Perseus
10.    Readers Digest

1.    Hachette Livre
2.    Groupe Madrigall
3.    Lefebvre-Sarrut
4.    Media Participations
5.    Editions Atlas
6.    Groupe Albin Michel
7.    La Martinière Groupe

1.    Penguin Random House
2.    Holtzbrinck
3.    Springer
4.    Klett
5.    Cornelsen
6.    Westermann Verlagsgruppe
7.    Weka
8.    Haufe Gruppe

1.    Grupo Planeta
2.    Grupo Santillana

1.    De Agostini Editore
2.    Messagerie / GeMS
3.    Mondadori
4.    RCS Libri

1.    China Publishing Group
2.    China Education and Media Group

1.    Kodansha
2.    Shueisha
3.    Shogakukan
4.    Kadokawa Publishing
5.    Gakken
6.    Bungeishunju
7.    Shinchosha

1.    Woongjin ThinkBig
2.    Kyowon

1.    EKSMO
2.    OLMA Media Group

1.    Abril Educação
2.    Saraiva

More Publishers:
1.    Media International – Australia
2.    Wolters Kluwer – NL
3.    Egmont Group – Denmark
4.    Bonnier – Sweden
5.    Harlequin – Canada
6.    Sanoma – Finland