A Discount Strategy for Mass Sales of Your eBook

A Discount Strategy for Mass Sales of Your eBook

For many non-fiction authors you may have the opportunity to sell multiple licenses or copies of your eBook to an organizations, association or club that is related to your niche topic. As a result, they will likely ask for a discount if they are going to order multiple copies.

The discount applied will depend on the number of orders made. You must remember that your eBook is a digital file so one of the major benefits of eBooks is that there are no associated costs with providing a customer with more sales.

This is unlike printed books where there is a greater associated cost with each book.

How you discount will come down to a number of factors. It is about negotiating the best possible outcome for you. If there are possibilities of recurring orders from this organization then you may want to offer more attractive discounts for future orders.

You may be able to barter where in return for discounts they provide promotion for your eBook. Their members will be your target market so negotiating a beneficial outcome for both parties is the ideal outcome.

Below are some guidelines for discounting. If you set-up an affiliate program you will often find that your affiliates will request a commission of 30% or higher so what may seem high in discounts is not really that high in today’s world of eBook selling.

Here is a sample discount strategy you may use:
1 – 5                  0%
6 – 24               5%
25 – 49             10%
50 – 99           15%
100 – 500       20%
501-1000       30%
1001-3000     40%
3001- 5000    45%

5000+        This is where you will negotiate the discount – if you ever reach this opportunity for your eBook then congratulations as you have officially made it as a best-selling author in many countries!